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Document Management with CM Studio .DMS-SERVER - Introduction & Basics:

Basics of document management and digital archiving and an introduction to CM Studio .DMS-SERVER 

This video introduces the basics of document archiving with CM Studio .DMS-SERVER  from MASCH Software Solutions.

Intelligent DMS Solution:

CM Studio .DMS-SERVER - Setup of Filing Cabinet and Folders:

How to create and edit a filing cabinet and archive

CM Studio .DMS-SERVER  ensures that no document is lost, misplaced or forgotten on the way from entry till the final filling. Using automatic notice system the document filing ensures your work flow the 'Just-in-Time' processing. In addition to CM Studio .DMS-SERVER  we recommend to use multifunction systems or document scanner, that allows distributing of digital folders by "Scan2Folder", "Scan2FTP" or "Scan2EMail" without a discrepancy to speed, high quality and low costs.

Learn more how to create folders and structures in CM Studio .DMS-SERVER , realise your filing management and communicate your network and document scanner. We have listed our CM Studio .DMS-SERVER playlist with all available video tutorials:

Document Management with CM Studio .DMS-SERVER - a conclusion:

An easy and structured way of file management CM Studio .DMS-SERVER provides you a lot of advantages. Especially for small business, self-employers and freelancers the obvious biggest advantage is a confident documents operation same as with a regular paper management.

If you have any questions regarding CM Studio .DMS-SERVER, please, contact our customer service.

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