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Smart solution for your e-Mail archive

Using CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE as solution for your e-mail archive, you will be able to take benefit from all technical and economic advantages of a modern e-mail archiving software.

At the same time CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE provides you with full legal and technical protection for your collaboration platform.

CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE creates perfect copies of all your e-mails in a central database archive, ensuring the safety and availability of your e-mail communication over at least 10 years.

Advantages for your business

  • Reliable solution
    by the use of CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE , your company can meet the regulations applicable in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in several other European countries regarding legal requirements for long-term archiving of e-mails.

  • Avoid loss of important data
    CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE allows the central, safe and complete retention of all e-mails over any period of time, providing reliable protection against data loss.

  • Relieve your e-mail server
    CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE your communication by the outsourcing of historical emails into the CM studio-based SQL database. CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE enables flexible content management and reduces storage requirements dramatically compared to the storage needs of your e-mail server.
  • Simplify backup and recovery
    CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE does not provide a traditional backup and restore functionality for your e-mail server compared to a traditional backup solution like e.g. BackupExec from Veritas, but by the continuous synchronization between the e-mail archive boxes and the corresponding e-mail accounts, the need for a comprehensive backup of your e-mail server has in a lot of companies a lower priority. In most companies, which are using CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE , the e-mail archiving software has replaced the traditional backup of the mail server.

  • Using your e-mails more efficiently
    Users of CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE need to search for e-mails now not any longer minutes or hours, but within seconds they are capable to find and reproduce the required information. To provide your answer faster and keeping your methods of work more efficient CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE is one of your most powerful tools.

With CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE,

you will be able to archive most of the leading e-mail application servers:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010 (incl. SBS)
  • Lotus Notes or Lotus Domino Server
  • Novell Groupwise Version 7, 8 and higher or 
  • Kerio Connect
  • Any kind of IMAP-compatible e-Mail server or web based post offices

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