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We invite you to the Open-Table discussion of our partner MSITEC!

Infection chain tracing is currently a very much-discussed topic in the context of the Corona pandemic.

We think that this is an extremely important topic, especially but not only for trade, tourism and gastronomy.

At the same time, we miss a sustainable contact tracing concept in all discussions.

Join us on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. to discuss how retail, tourism and hospitality can lead by example with a sustainable solution and find a way back to "normalcy" in pandemic times.

The digital COVID-19 passport and the digital guest card are the basis for sustainable and efficient tracing of infection chains !!!
Software sustainability in infection chain tracking is based on the basic idea that the health authority does not have to receive and phone off lists (either paper or Excel format) in the event of an infection.There is also no need for costly data exchange via expensive interfaces between farms and authorities.Once the facility has released data upon request, the health authority automatically accesses the data with its own secured user accounts. The initial notification of guests/customers is automated by the establishment.