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ID-CARD OCR: Automated detection of passport and ID-Card data

Guest data capture or self-check-in has never been so easy.

The guest arrives, the receptionist asks for the passport or ID-Card and scans it.

After less than 5 seconds, a digital registration form is available to the guest on a tablet or smartphone, which he or she only can complete with a few pieces of additional information.

The information is saved, linked guest cards will be automatically created and sent to the guest by email.

The reception team can transfer the necessary data into the PMS software with just a few mouse clicks.


How digitalization is changing the guest experience and hotel industry.

Digitalization of the hotel industry has been steadily advancing in the DACH region of late, and recent events, including the Coronavirus pandemic and changes in travelers’ expectations, have rapidly accelerated this trend.

The introduction of digital registration forms is having a similarly great impact, and offers many new opportunities for hotels to digitalize their services. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at how digitalizing hotels can help meet guests’ changing needs.

*A partner article from Hotel-Spider.  MASCH Software Solutions, leading provider of solutions for digital registration and the digital guest card recommends reading this extremely informative article.

What additional benefits do digital reporting and guest cards offer in times of pandemic?
Digital registration and digital guest card are classified by many people as classic tools for marketing in the tourism industry. But in the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital guest card developed by MASCH Software Solutions also provides the technical basis for sustainable and efficient visitor tracing in accordance with government regulations in the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland and many other countries.

Digital registration helps accommodation businesses in tourist destinations such as the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland to make the arrival of their guests more pleasant.
Accommodation businesses and tourism destinations will face major challenges in the future.

Not only currently are requirements for hygiene concepts and compliance with distance regulations indispensable. In the future, too, lodging establishments will have to combine these concepts with their guests' demand for individual care and a feel-good factor if they want to successfully hold their own in the market.

The digitalization of the registration system is an important element in guest care, which in the future will already begin before the arrival...