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CM Studio .FeWo 'AiO'

CM Studio .FeWo 'AiO'

A website with integrated online booking:

With CM Studio .FeWo-Web you can design the internet presence of your apartments, vacation homes, vacation apartments and chalets...

  • ...with an integrated BLOG for posting sights and events.
  • ...with digital guest directory for SmartPhone access via QR code.

CM Studio .FeWo-Booking is perfectly designed for an attractive presentation of your rental property with a clear booking calendar and an integrated photo gallery.

With CM Studio .FeWo-Booking MOBILE you can expand your integrated online booking solution for all common SmartPhone devices with iOS and Android operating systems. In times of the rapidly growing Internet, vacation apartments are also subject to ever shorter booking cycles. This means that your vacation apartments should also be bookable at short notice and therefore mobile in order to meet the requirements of your potential guests.

With CM Studio .FeWo-Quote, the integrated offer manager, you can process inquiries received by phone, email or via the website contact form. Convert inquiries into sustainable online bookings.

CM Studio .FeWo-PM - Property-Manager helps you in the background to process all bookings, including those from portals such as and Co. commercially, to create a proper invoice for your guest and to optimally manage booked additional services.



Improve your success through improved guest loyalty and an individual bonus program. Turn one-time guests into returning friends of your business.

The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all that the steady (and seemingly neverending) flow of international one-time visitors has been rapidly interrupted over the past 2 years.

Hotel businesses that have also relied on returning and loyal guests in the past have been navigated their business better, especially during the second phase of the pandemic. However, returning guests are also getting older and there is then a rapid shortage of guests from the younger generation.

Attracting new guests was much easier in the past than it is TODAY, but converting guests into regular customers is the high art of guest management and TODAY more than ever an important factor for economic stability.

Is the booking business with travel agencies still attractive for hotels today?

Due to the lack of international guests during the pandemic years, many hotels focused much more on their online direct booking business via their own website.

Even the so dominant OTAs like and Expedia had to register strong declines in their booking shares in favor of the direct booking business.

Since the fall of 2022, the market has again seen increasing activity from indirect partners. These include the well-known OTA platforms, of course, but also the group travel and agency business.

Now, the question for many hoteliers is how to reconcile dynamic price management and indirect partner business (which admittedly has tended to lead to static prices and blocked availabilities in the past)

7 simple and quick tips, for your hotel website from MASCH's partner Hotel-Spider from Switzerland

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