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V.I.G. = Very Important Guest - Learn more about MASCH's new guest loyalty program for the mid-sized hotel industry here!

Customer Service and Marketing Team of MASCH Software Solutions have been working intensively with our pilot hotels on the product launch of the V.I.G.-CLOUD during the last weeks!

Now we are ready! Your guests can collect loyalty points and of course redeem them!

We have received feedback from many customers from the hotel industry and tourism, who already know MASCH and the commitment of MASCH to its tourism partners, that the introduction of an affordable guest loyalty program is considered extremely interesting and desirable for the medium-sized hotel industry.

That's why we're going live with our intrduction campaign for hotels wordlwide strating from 01.07.2023.



Improve your success through improved guest loyalty and an individual bonus program. Turn one-time guests into returning friends of your business.

The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all that the steady (and seemingly neverending) flow of international one-time visitors has been rapidly interrupted over the past 2 years.

Hotel businesses that have also relied on returning and loyal guests in the past have been navigated their business better, especially during the second phase of the pandemic. However, returning guests are also getting older and there is then a rapid shortage of guests from the younger generation.

Attracting new guests was much easier in the past than it is TODAY, but converting guests into regular customers is the high art of guest management and TODAY more than ever an important factor for economic stability.