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Powerful document capture tools:

CM Studio .CAPTURE Client The first step within the filing process is to capture documents and information efficiently.

CM Studio .ECM-SERVER und CM Studio .DMS-SERVER provide efficient procedures to import paper- and electronic-documents.

For capturing paper documents, MASCH Software Solutions offers its own Capture Client software under Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The CM Studio .CAPTURE CLIENT supports the leading document scanner and multi-function devices with an extended filing process, which turns the simple scan process into an automated capture process within your document management solution by a "One-Button-Click" functionality.

CM Studio .CAPTURE Client - Profile ManagerCM Studio .CAPTURE Standard for Windows 8 & 10:

CM Studio. CAPTURE Standard is specially designed as extended capture client for document sheet-fed scanners.

CM Studio. CAPTURE Standard extends the use of most document scanners from local Scan-to-Folder technology to process-oriented functions such as Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-Network Folder, Scan-to-E-mail (SMTP based) and direct scan to database of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER or CM Studio .ECM-SERVER.

CM Studio. CAPTURE Standard provides more than just the process-oriented control and detection of scanned documents. Via the integrated XML interface, you can sync up with the research criteria of your CM Studio .DMS-SERVER or your CM Studio .ECM-SERVER. Thus allows users to enter immediately after the scan process all necessary indexing information for the captured documents. This simplifies and accelerates the filing process by more than 20 percent.

CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard supports the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The capture client can be downloaded from MASCH's servers by registrered customers of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER and CM Studio .ECM-SERVER.


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CM Studio .CAPTURE Pro

- integrates your MFP into your document filing process* -

The more powerful version of CM Studio .CAPTURE Pro supports process-oriented scanning with multi function devices as well as hot folder monitoring of your workstation or your network. Using a simple wizard function, you can create or integrate scan profiles, processing check-ups and index profiles. This will provide best results to your daily workflows.

Automated capture process saves costs

CM Studio .CAPTURE Pro enhances the indexing structures of the CM Studio .ECM-SERVER. It enables the user to store the correct keywords already during the capture process. Thus speed up the filing process enormously.

CM Studio .CAPTURE Pro must be installed on each workstation within the company. The application monitors typical data directories such as "My Documents" regarding digital created or scanned PDF or Office documents. You can monitor complete sub-directory structures on the local PC or in the network. CM Studio .CAPTURE Pro creates so-called suggestion lists of documents and information, wether the user can archive or not.


Capture all your digital documents wihtin your LAN and create an helpful full text index with CM Studio .ISEARCH

Textsuche mit CM Studio .ISEARCHWith CM Studio .ISEARCH text content of digital documents such as Microsoft Word files, Excel spreadsheets, etc. are extracted to generate the full-text index of this document for filing by CM Studio .DMS-SERVER or CM Studio .ECM-SERVER.

The IFilter technology of Microsoft is based on COM object classes with a specific filter interface, that is used by Microsoft Index Search Engine to index documents stored on the hard disk and later found to be able to search through.

CM Studio .ISEARCH CM Studio .ISEARCH works similar to the above described IFilter technology. CM Studio .ISEARCH is used to generate the full-text index for digital documents stored in the filing cabinet of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER or CM Studio .ECM-SERVER. 

CM Studio .ISEARCH supports Microsoft Windows operating system releases such as Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

It can be installed as well on server operating system such as Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

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*Registered user of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER or CM Studio .ECM-SERVER will be able to download CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard free of charge. If you are interested to use  CM Studio .CAPTURE Pro, please contact our Customer Service Team regarding your upgrade options to CM Studio .CAPTURE Pro.
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