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CM Studio .PDF Extension

At present, PDF is one of the most popular formats for storing and exchanging electronic documents. However, the task of automating such file creation, especially in larger quantities, often creates challenging and difficult tasks for businesses.

Capture-Technologie von CM Studio .CAPTURECM Studio .PDF Extension is based on Black Ice Software's Printer Driver technology. It converts documents to PDF, PDF/A, XML and ASCII text from any Windows application capable of printing.

CM Studio .PDF Extension is fully integrated into the capture process technology of CM Studio .CAPTURE clients. Essentially, CM Studio .PDF Extension is a considered virtual printer. As a result, from the user's point of view, using it to convert documents for the filing and archiving process of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER or CM Studio .ECM-SERVER appears the same as printing documents on a conventional printer.

The virtual printer driver is an effective and extremely convenient tool for document process management for any user, without involving the user into the complex technology behind this simple process, since every computer user has the basic computer skill of printing.

CM Studio .PDF Extension is the complete solution for businesses from small to large enterprises needing fast, reliable PDF conversion and integration tools. The virtual printer driver of CM Studio .PDF Extension gives users flexible options to convert, save, email, print, archive or combine their documents with ease. The CM Studio .PDF Extension printer driver is the fastest high-volume conversion utility, while still keeping an easy-to-use human interface for simple PDF conversion.

Key Features of CM Studio .PDF Extension:

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