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CM Studio .iBooking License Model:

MASCH Software Solutions offers CM Studio .iBooking basically in three different license options:

    • Purchase license (perpetual license model)
    • 1-year license or
    • Subscription license (rent)


CM Studio .IBooking is a web software that requires as a prerequisite web server (MASCH Software Solutions recommends here the Apache web server) on Linux OS, Microsoft Windows or Apple OS/X. More information about the technical system requirements can be found here ...


Note: The Customer Service of MASCH Software Solution will integrate CM Studio .iBooking completely into your existing website. So you do not need to worry about these technical requirements, because these are solved by your ISP and our technical support specialist.
The are only two topics, that you need to decide before purchasing CM Studio .iBooking: Which version of CM Studio .iBooking (Unlimited or Limited Edition) and und which licensing model you are planning to purchase CM Studio .iBooking. So whether you are buying or renting CM Studio .iBooking. To the end of this page. we have provided you a brief overview compiled with differences of our three different licensing models: 


Purchase license:

The purchase license of CM Studio .iBooking is mostly like a classical software purchase of e.g. Microsoft Office or a similar product. You pay a one-time purchase price, the software is provided as electronic download license (ESD) and our Customer Service Department will install and configure the software on your website. You have the right to use the purchase license as non-time-limited license and is therefore also referred to as a Lifetime License. However, there is no automatic entitlement to newer updates of the software. These updates can be maintained by an additional maintenance agreement (also called a service contract) or purchased by individual update order. MASCH Software Solutions delivers the acquisition of a purchase license basically including a one-year upgrade maintenance for free, so that you receive all the updates on your new purchase in the first year after the acquisition of CM Studio .iBooking. After the expiration date of this maintenance period, you can either purchase an additional upgrade maintenance contract, or you will remain at the current state of the software, because the existing functionality seem sufficient for your needs. When you have decided not to purchase the upgrade maintenance, you can still purchase an upgrade at any time to the current version of the software. The specific update price must be determined individually.

1-Year License:

The 1-year license is in principle equivalent to the purchase license with one major difference. The term of the Software is limited to one year from the date of activation, i.e. all features of CM Studio .iBooking will be stopped at the end of the activation grace period of 365 days. Since MASCH Software Solutions delivers basically 1 years Upgrade Maintenance with each product included, the 1-year license basically includes full upgrade and maintenance support. In CM Studio .iBooking beyond MASCH Software Solutions offers an additional investment protection for all 1-year license customers. If the hotel or the hotel owner constantly acquires a 1-year licenses of CM Studio .iBooking for four consecutive years, the license will be automatically converted from MASCH Software Solutions into a Perpetual License with the acquisition of the fourth 1-year license.

1-year licenses are already in use in many areas of the software industry as for example for ERP- or anti-virus and security software products, in which the user is depending on a continuous upgrade maintenance. 1-year licenses for software of MASCH Solutins offer the advantage of lower capital investments at the startup and as described above, over the term of 4 years to pay off against the purchase price of a Perpetual License. Even 1-year license is installed as a software application on the hotel's Internet server and seamlessly integrated into the hotel's website.

1-year licenses do not extend automatically. This provides safety from the 'Forget the termination of the contract' problem. The Admin team of the hotel is pointed out about the end of the license life time 14 days before the license will expire and it will be easy to renew the software license by purchasing an additional license from MASCH order Software Solutions.


Subscription License (Rental Model):

The subscription license of CM Studio .iBooking is a pure rental license, which is installed on one of MASCH's cloud hosting server in Germany for the hotel customer and seamlessly integrated into the website of the hotel. The subscription license price is calculated based on the version used (Unlimited or Limited Edition) so called with a fixed monthly fee and of course includes a complete upgrade maintenance for the entire term of the contract with MASCH software Soutions. Please note that depending on the version of CM Studio .iBooking the minimum term may vary between 3 and 12 months as well as adapted notice periods for the termination of the contract. The subscription license has a minimum term and will be automatically extended by the agreed minimum term, if it is not canceled in writing at MASCH Customer Service with a the contractual notice (by registered mail) . The use of MASCH's cloud hosting facilities for the subscription license  includes a valid SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) during the contract period for the transmission and recording of bookings with a secure data connection.

The Subscription license is the fastest-to-deploy installation version of CM Studio .IBooking, which includes pre-made text templates in the chosen languages ​​and this ind of installation of CM Studio .iBooking usually will be established within 48 hours after the order has been sent to the Customer Service Group of MASCH Software SOlutions (This assumes. that the hotel customer will provide with the order all necessary booking and pricing information and the technical access to his website, so that MASCH Customer Service can perform the setup successfully).

License model comparison
Perpetual License
1-Year License
Subscription License


Duration of contract for CM Studio .iBooking Software    Life Time   1 Year   

6 or 12 months

with automatic renewal 
Term of contract with MASCH Software Solutions    none   1 Year    Laufzeit der Software 
Termination of contract / automatic Renewal   none   none    30 or 60 days
depending in contract duration 
Upgrade-Maintenance included    Checkmark
1 Year
  Checkmark   Checkmark
Upgrade-Maintenance optional    Checkmark  
not necessary 
not necessary 


Installation by MASCH Customer Service    Checkmark   Checkmark   Checkmark
Setup optional by MASCH Customer-Service    Checkmark   Checkmark    
E-Learning platform with nearly 5 hours video workshops for training purpose    Checkmark   Checkmark   Checkmark
1 day Onsite-Training (in Hotel with 6 x 45 Minute education time)    optional   optional    optional 


Hosting on Internet-Server of the Hotel    Checkmark   Checkmark    
Hosting through MASCH CLOUD Server -
      Checkmark   Checkmark
Seamless iFrame Integration into the existing website of the hotel    Checkmark   Checkmark   optional

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