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CM Studio .Fewo

The complete subscription for the Internet appearance of vacation homes and apartments inclusive IBE platform.
CM Studio .FeWo offers all necessary functions and service modules for your internet presence from one source:

Multi-language manager for multi-lingual presentation according to customer specifications. CM Studio .FeWo also allows the representation of Cyrillic, Arabic or Asian characters. Please note that CM Studio .FeWo does not include a translation module.

With CM Studio .BANNER & CM Studio .PHOTO-GALLERY you can create interactive slideshows to integrate moving background images or attractive photo galleries.

CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK to connect and interact with social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Co. Especially YouTube videos about your hotel can be integrated seamlessly into the design of your website and thus present your hotel even more attractive and moving.

CM Studio .FORM allows you to interactively create contact and inquiry forms as well as marketing surveys and to edit the corresponding evaluation of the results online.

CM Studio .FeWo is SEO optimized!
The application allows you to define and edit keyword lists for search engine optimization without any HTML programming knowledge.

CM Studio .FeWo is Smartphone and Tablet compatible!
Dual "Responsive Design" is the ability to display your website not only on the Desktop or Notebook PC. CM Studio .FeWo displays your website equally on SmartPhones and Tablets. CM Studio .FeWo supports all common SmartPhone devices under iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

CM Studio .CRM offers you the creation of a complete online database of guests, prospective customers and newsletter subscribers, who are also connected to the online booking platform CM Studio .iBooking.


CM Studio .fewo

Website with direct on-line reservation (IBE): With CM Studio .FeWo you arrange the Internet appearance of your apartments, vacation houses, vacation homes and Chalets with direct and integrated reservation platform as well as binding to the prominent Channel managers.

CM Studio .iBooking MOBILE is the specially designed booking interface for CM Studio .FeWo for Smart Phones.

With CM Studio .iBooking MOBILE you can extend your integrated online booking solution for all common SmartPhone devices under iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Even vacation homes are subject to increasingly shorter booking cycles in times of the Internet. This means that your vacation apartments should also be bookable at short notice and therefore mobile in order to meet the requirements of your potential guests.