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CM Studio is the Web Content Management System (CMS) from MASCH Software Solutions.

CM Studio helps you to create and maintain content - in text, image, video or any other form - effectively.

CMS software in general is mainly used for the management of websites, but also for "offline platforms" in the company's intranet.

MASCH Software Solutions offers you through its multi-platform strategy under Linux, Apple OS/X or Microsoft Windows servers any option to use CM Studio independent of your operating system structure.

In order to manage WEB content simply and efficiently, many companies today use Content Management Systems. Publishers or editorial offices occasionally use systems that are not provided over the Internet but are operated via their own internal network.

However, in most cases the term CMS refers to web-based software such as CM Studio from MASCH Software Solutions with database connection to operate a website. CM Studio enables the creation, editing and publishing of content such as texts, images, videos, forms up to entire websites.

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The ultimate solution for international and multilingual Internet portals.

CM Studio /ENTERPRISE-SERVER is ideally suited for companies and projects with multiple content authors and corresponding enterprise tasks. The content authors provide the company, product and service information and applications within the CM Studio website.

With features such as content staging, CM Studio /ENTERPRISE-SERVER is especially suited for your applications when you need high accuracy and control over the features and content on your website.


CM Studio /ENTERPRISE-SERVER is not community software, but includes 1 year support and upgrade maintenance.

Software, especially internet software, is subject to constant development and requires effective compatibility with previous versions.

With the special upgrade maintenance program from MASCH Software Solutions MASCH offers every user full investment security in his internet platform and we guarantee support for your software for as long as you expect it from us.


CRM integrated into your web portal!

Somewhere between the daily chaos of sticky notes and Excel spreadsheets and the complex operation of ERP and CRM solutions, especially small and medium-sized companies today need a simple, but online available solution for their customer and contact management.

Now imagine a web application that provides all your contact information such as names, contact persons, phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, conversation notes up to business-critical documents for you via a simple browser access and fully supports mobile devices like your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone.

The CRM database of CM Studio .CRM is the first step for you to edit your contact and customer management online from anywhere and at any time.

With the CM Studio .CRM database, you have the possibility to provide your customers with individual and specific sales and marketing services via your web portal. This helps you to build and successfully manage long-term and profitable customer relationships.


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CM Studio /CE-SERVER and more...



CM Studio /PRO-SERVER includes the following additional modules:
CM Studio .OPERATION-MANAGER provides advanced approval processes for content handling.

Administrators can collaborate with editors and proofreaders on content pages via defined workflows. Workflow approvals can be configured in a top-down hierarchy at each page and section level.

CM Studio .OPERATION-MANAGER provides granular security policies to apply rights to pages, modules and folders. You can define dedicated, which content can be edited and implemented by which employee.

CM Studio .FORM: Forms are important for the communication with the visitor of your website.

A form is a standardized means to capture data, either in paper or electronic form (e.g. web form).

With the intelligent form generator, MASCH Software Solutions provides its users with a complete form generator, with which you can design any type of form, from simple web forms to complex registration applications with logical input checks.



The integrated search engine of CM Studio /PRO-SERVER includes rich query syntax with support for Boolean search, string search, wild card search. This way your visitor will find any document that you as webmaster or online author have released as searchable for full text indexing.

Advanced Site Search not only makes it easier for Google & Co. to find your documents, but also puts intelligent querying of online information at the center of your interaction with your visitors.

Make it easy for your visitors to find comprehensive information on your website. Customers will love your online presence and this is ultimately positive for your marketing and business success.


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The free community edition to get started with professional website design.
CM Studio combines "responsive" web design with all elements of mobile smartphone application on iOS and Android!

The "Dual Responsive Design Concept" from MASCH Software Solutions is a cost-effective and extremely efficient way to make your website usable "mobile" without the need to develop a special "mobile app" and yet you do not have to forego important facets of mobile optimization.

CM Studio has an integrated SmartPhone detection.

The integrated SmartPhone-Detection recognizes more than 700 different SmartPhones by their individual SmartPhone-ID and thus automatically ensures the direct and optimized display of your website for SmartPhone-users.


CM Studio /ce-server

In general, it is often claimed that especially operators of smaller Internet sites with a smaller range of offers should consider carefully whether they are willing to accept the expense of a content management system. In principle, websites that offer a lot of extensive content are worth the effort to introduce a CMS. CMS solutions can increase the productivity of a company because content can be managed quickly and flexibly. Users require little or no programming knowledge and do not need to intervene in the code of a website.

Starting with the CM Studio /CE-SERVER Edition, MASCH Software Solutions combines the advantages of its CMS software with the services of its customer service organization (hosting, creation and maintenance of the 'small' websites by the experts of MASCH) and thus offers an effective use of a CMS also for small and medium-sized companies, which otherwise shy away from the maintenance effort of their own website. The motto here is: Concentrate on your core business and MASCH will help you to make your online marketing and presentation successful.

Beautiful designs, powerful functions and the freedom to create modularly what you want. CM Studio /CE-SERVER is free to download and priceless at the same time.


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