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MASCH Software Solutions offers more than a central booking platform for a tourism destination or vacation region.


stands for a future-oriented, flexible and heterogeneous online marketing concept.

Here, high-performance software solutions from a wide range of providers can be combined to create the tourism online marketplace of the future. The focus is on the integration of technology into a holistic service offer for the destination and the connected tourism organizations and service providers.

A central and digital marketplace corresponds to the natural online DNA of a tourism destination and the service providers connected to it, because it takes into account the individual requirements of the different hotel and vacation home providers and combines these with the central marketing goals of the tourism organization in the region or location.

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Central Destination Marketplace


.BOOKING-CENTER the core component for the Destination Marketplace.

CM Studio .Booking-Center...
  • includes a central META search engine with all classic search and classification criteria for hotels of every category and much more
  • offers an integrated presentation manager that takes into account and highlights the individual unique selling points of each hotel
  • puts a strong emphasis on the marketing goals of the destination and combines these with the individual performance characteristics of the hotels.


CM Studio .Booking-Center offers the destination...
  • an independent booking channel as destination in channel managers such as Hotel-Spider
  • own marketing of the destination marketplace via meta search platforms such as TripAdvisor and Trivago
  • an SEO-optimized booking engine increases visibility on Google & Co. for all hotels in the region: more clicks, more traffic => more guests
Scheme - CM Studio .Booking-Center 

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Vouchers are more than a gift.

Vouchers extend the business model of the Key Players (such as Hotels) in the region

  • the online platform for hotel vouchers and more in the Jungfrau Region.
  • ....offers guests of the touristic region the opportunity to purchase vouchers for a wide range of services, such as hotel rooms, railway tickets, ski passes etc.
  • ....offers a direct interface to the CM Studio .Booking-Center and enables payment with vouchers for online bookings.


  • ....offers the hoteliers to issue vouchers for their own hotel without paying commissions.
  • another core component of the Destination Marketplace strategy of MASCH Software Solutions.

MANAGEMENT of the voucher program

The tourism organization takes over the administration of the platform and is also responsible for the accounting management of the platform:

  • You manage the group of participants and all rules concerning the voucher program.
  • You manage the participants' accounts and take care of the collection and payment of vouchers to the participating companies.
  • The participants of the voucher platform can register voucher submissions and issue their own vouchers.
  • Central promotions should be a central incentive for the generation and use of the voucher program.

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Customer loyalty and added value through Bonus-Card bookings

  • the online platform for the new regional bonus card system.
  • ...offers guests of the touristic region the opportunity to collect bonus points - modelled on the Miles & More card from Lufthansa and SWISS.
  • ...offers a direct interface to the CM Studio .Booking-Center and enables payment with BONUS POINTS during the online booking journey via CM Studio .Booking-Center.


  • ...can be linked to existing guest card systems and provisioning solutions.
  • ...enables every company in the region to participate and accept bonus card payments.
  • another important component of the Destination Marketplace Strategy of MASCH Software Solutions


  • ...are a virtual currency for the Destination Marketplace of the region.
  • ...are granted in the form of discount bonus points by hotels and other businesses.
  • ...are accepted as means of payment by participating hotels and then represent a credit balance on the part of the hotel towards thr tourism organization, which is offset against the payment obligations.

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Filling out the guest registration forms is often perceived as annoying by all parties involved (hoteliers and guests), but it is absolutely necessary for two reasons:

First, it serves the fulfillment of the legal obligation to register for lodging establishments, which has increased dramatically in weight since September 11, 2001.

Second, in many places and regions, the guest registration system provides the commercial basis for the calculation of visitor's tax which hotels have to pay to the responsible municipality.


At the same time, it is extremely important to observe and document compliance with data protection laws and the transparency of data processing, both towards the guest and the accommodation companies

In the end, one principle must be adhered to:

The hotelier or vacation apartment landlord is the master of his data and the data release is only carried out with and through the consent of the entrepreneur!



The digital registration system will only be successful if it does not place an additional burden on the region's service providers (hotels and vacation apartment landlords) in their administrative work. The following requirements apply:

  • The recording effort should be shifted as far as possible to the booking guest!
  • The complete recording of guest data should be done before the guest arrives, as with airline flight check-in, in order to simplify the check-in process in the hotel.
  • The digital guest registration in the hotel should ideally be offered to the guest via an Apple iPad or similar mobile device. The guests' smartphones can also be used for this purpose.




CM Studio .GRM-CLOUD - Org-Chart


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The ultimate solution for international and multilingual Internet portals.

CM Studio /ENTERPRISE-SERVER is ideally suited for companies and projects with multiple content authors and corresponding enterprise tasks. The content authors provide the company, product and service information and applications within the CM Studio website.

With features such as content staging, CM Studio /ENTERPRISE-SERVER is especially suited for your applications when you need high accuracy and control over the features and content on your website.



CM Studio /ENTERPRISE-SERVER is not community software, but includes 1 year support and upgrade maintenance.

Software, especially internet software, is subject to constant development and requires effective compatibility with previous versions.

With the special upgrade maintenance program from MASCH Software Solutions MASCH offers every user full investment security in his internet platform and we guarantee support for your software for as long as you expect it from us.


CRM integrated into your web portal!

Somewhere between the daily chaos of sticky notes and Excel spreadsheets and the complex operation of ERP and CRM solutions, especially small and medium-sized companies today need a simple, but online available solution for their customer and contact management.

Now imagine a web application that provides all your contact information such as names, contact persons, phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, conversation notes up to business-critical documents for you via a simple browser access and fully supports mobile devices like your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone.

The CRM database of CM Studio .CRM is the first step for you to edit your contact and customer management online from anywhere and at any time.

With the CM Studio .CRM database, you have the possibility to provide your customers with individual and specific sales and marketing services via your web portal. This helps you to build and successfully manage long-term and profitable customer relationships.


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