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The MASCH Software Solutions GmbH with its developer location and company headquarters in St. Petersburg, and its marketing and sales base in Cologne for the regions D.A.CH and Central Europe has been working successfully for almost 20 years on software solutions for the CLOUD.

In contrast to most Russian software developers, the business model of MASCH Software Solutions is from the very beginning not exclusively based on software offshore development, but on the development and own sales of industry and WEB-based solutions, which have been developed from successfully completed development projects.

Thus, each MASCH product is already field-tested before it is launched in Germany or other European countries.

The company MASCH Software Solutions GmbH was founded in 2001 and today comprises a development team of experienced software engineers at the St. Petersburg location, a Customer Service Center for D.A.CH and Central Europe located in Cologne, and further sales consultants in the D.A.CH region.

The company focuses on the development and distribution of software solutions in the areas of tourism destinations, e-commerce and e-marketing for hotels and vacation apartment providers as well as legally compliant document and e-mail archiving and ECM applications in the CLOUD and in the local network.

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Central Destination Marketplace   E-Commerce + E-Marketing   Web Design & Web Application Server

MASCH Software Solutions offers more than a central booking platform for a tourism destination or vacation region.

the central digital marketplace (cdm)

stands for a future-oriented, flexible and heterogeneous online marketing concept.

Here, high-performance software solutions from a wide range of providers can be combined to create the tourism online marketplace of the future. The focus is on the integration of technology into a holistic service offer for the destination and the connected tourism organizations and service providers.

A central and digital marketplace corresponds to the natural online DNA of a tourism destination and the service providers associated with it, because it takes into account the individual requirements of the different hotel and vacation home providers and combines these with the central marketing goals of the tourism organization in the region or at the location.



The modern online media and the Internet as a whole present a great challenge for every tourist business today. Through evaluation, price comparison and online
booking portals, guests today have maximum transparency and comparability in their search for a suitable destination.

ONLINE booking, SEM & SEO...

...are only a few aspects of a modern and efficient Internet presence.

To adapt the own marketing to this constant and very fast-moving development, the employment of the suitable tools as well as a permanent monitoring and foresighted acting are only some few conditions, in order to exist in the jungle of the World Wide Web and the social networks successfully as an individual hotel, as well as a hotel group or a touristic destination. MASCH Software Solutions offers a wide range of solutions and powerful WEB software.

What was a guarantee for your personal success yesterday can be overhauled tomorrow and replaced again by new and more effective instruments. Therefore MASCH offers you all products and solutions including upgrade maintenance to keep your internet presence and especially your online booking platform always up-to-date and compatible with the latest market developments.


CM Studio helps you to effectively create and maintain content on your website - in text, image, video or any other form. MASCH Software Solutions offers three different...

CM Studio /WEB-SERVER Editions

The CM Studio software is not a modular system but a powerful content management solution now in its 9th generation!

At the same time it is an easy to use software with which you can create a perfect website in a modern design according to your individual requirements.

Our team in sales and customer service supports you from the offer phase to the planning and launch of your new website, because any software is only as good as the service & support that takes care of your requirements and questions.