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CM Studio 2017: SEO integrated

Search Engine Optimization now 'out-of-the-box'

With CM Studio 2017, your website will be found better by Google & Co. ...

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more business critical for your successful
online business. Various studies underline the fact that single ranking factors, as they were important
factor for factor, they are not anylonger influencing the search results (SRP) individually. Today Google
is increasing the evaluation of each individual search query for relevance related to the searching user.

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The technical ranking factor: Onpage SEO

On your company website, your visitors will find important information (so named web content) that fits your customers and your visitors search requirements.

However, to achieve a top position with your website on search engine result pages of Google & Co., a good web content alone is not enough.

The technical part of your website must be also correct implemented, so that the site is easily and quickly found by the crawlers of the search engines as well as by your online visitors.

Factors such as page loading time, file size of images and banners, HTTPS encryption (especially in e-commerce websites), side architecture and mobile-friendly play an important role to the ranking factor of your website.

MASCH Software Solutions has already integrated many of these technical on-page criteria into the new version CM Studio 2017, which support your onpage optimization mostly automatically. Our goal is, that you will be able in future to concentrate your own SEO tasks on the so-called Offpage SEO factors. That's why we provide allways a 12-month up-to-date guarantee with every installation of CM Studio 2017. This software maintenance guarantee always keep our software at the latest SEO level in 2017. And of course, you can extend this maintenance support on yearly basis. It is up to you!


Premium Hotel Website
with CM Studio .HOTEL-CLOUD
for a monthly 'Economy Price'

For more information regarding our Hotel CMS Software and the integrated IBE Software CM Studio .iBooking, please click onto the listed buttons below:
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MASCH Design Library

Would you like to create your own Website, but have no idea how it may look like? We are glad to help you. At your service the complete collection of our templates' samples.

Customers prefer MASCH design templates because...

  • they are created by professional designers.
  • they are fitting the most actual international design standards.
  • they are adapted for the USPs of MASCH CM Studio 2017.
  • they support the SEO and SEM specific features of CM Studio 2017.
  • at anytime they can be adapted to your individual corporate identy (CI).

Designtemplates according to categories:









Design-Template 48242Design-Template 48624Design-Template 52998Design-Template 55427Design-Template 55541




Choose your personal favourites from the existing design samples. By the order share the ID number of the desired design samples with your authorized MASCH partner or contact our Customer Service Team if you have any other questions.


CM Studio supports the "Dual Responsive Design Architecture"!

Google & Responsive WebThe trend towards mobile use of the Internet is here to stay. Whether in the train, in the office, in the car during a traffic jam, at dinner with the family or in the restaurant with friends:

The tablet or mobile phone is almost always present and in use. You can see in the public today more often people with smartphones than reading a newspaper. So every website must be able to serve and support in nearer future those small devices - whether the website visitor is using an iPhone, an Android-device, an iPad or a Windows Phone.

However, the use of mobile devices is not any logner limited to short-term and limited access, but modern smartphones like the iPhone 6s Plus or the Samsung Galaxy 6 are increasingly replacing traditional Notebook PCs and even the tablet's of the first generation. It is therefore an immense challenge to satisfy the needs of your website visitors optimally by responsive web designs and Mobile First approaches.

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Our solution for your document management under Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh or Linux operating system.

CM Studio .DMS-SERVER will transform the way you work from analog into digital wokflows.

Traditional archiving systems are usually complex applications and include a big number of functions which often times require high-performance server and workstation computers and they more or less require a time-intensive training for your staff.

Anyway, if you want to store your documents onto your laptop or your desktop computer, on your company network server or into your private cloud, CM Studio .DMS-SERVER and CM Studio .ECM-SERVER will provide you the best solution for your individually needs!