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CM Studio .iBooking:

Transform your website into your own e-commerce platform

For a successful online sales your hotel will need three important components on your website:

  • Fascinating and emotional photos and video clips of your hotel,
  • search engine optimized information about your hotel (integrated into your website) and
  • a flexible and easy-to-use booking solution which is seamlessly integrates into your website

leicht zu bedienende Buchungslösung

shortly in two statements: 

MASCH Software Solutions offers for hotels of any size - from a single family managed hotel up to to a corporate hotel chain with CM Studio .iBooking a flexible and scalable solution for your ultimate step into the Internet e-commerce generation of tomorrow.

Increase your online success and grow with your online booking business - CM Studio .iBooking will support you at anytime!


a simple and intuitive booking processCM Studio .iBooking provides a simple and intuitive booking process in four steps:


  1. Use the calendar based availabilty check and start the booking process by choosing the right arrival and departure date (travel period).

  2. The software will show the available room type(s) including detailed price and service information.

  3. Selection of the preferred room category - a one-step-booking of multiple room types for a group or family-booking is of course possible.

  4. At the end of the process, enter the guest must enter its booking details such as names and credit card details.
As an optional step within the booking process, the guest can book additional services, such as wellness and SPA packages, tickets and cultural activities prior to his arrival.

CM Studio .iBooking offers a very easy-to-maintain information database with clearly structured workflows, which allows your reception team to make all the necessary information to room category, package deals and additional services quick and easy. The appearance of your room category can be enriched by additional images, video clip links.

Reliable and trusted data security

Reliable and trusted data security...

...and full control over their own personal data. This is for your guest a more and more important criteria!

By co-operating with booking portals and external services, the hotel management is still responsible for the data privacy of their guest data.

But using such external booking solutions all information, starting with the address data ranging up to the credit card information, are outsourced onto the server of a third party provider.

The major consequence may be, that the operator of the external website such as destination portals might send adviertising e-mails to your customers - which is certainly not a goal of any hotelier.

Using CM Studio .iBooking, all accounting steps will be handled through your own website and your own database application.

You, as a hotelier will be the owner of the guest information. You are responsible by sourself for the privacy handling of these data.

This is not a duty, but a real challenge, which makes you more attractive for more and more guests.

No one wants to be advertised by an un-authorized service provider or from a different destination website.

CM Studio .iBooking keeps the data under your full control and do not serve any external website operator with its goal to generate data for proftiable market research purposes!

The guest will remain on your website during the complete booking process

One of the major e-commerce rules is:

Do not push/link your customer to another website during the e-commerce process! The customer should get lost in the internet“.

Many hotel websites, especially using an external Internet Booking Engine are just doing this!

Another browser window opens, the guest is confused and in a second on a completely different site.

CM Studio .iBooking of MASCH is a booking engine, that is seamless and fully integrated into the website of your hotel. All entries of the guest take place in your own environment and will be stored at your database, so that you can delight the guest of your "look and feel" including through the layout of your website.

CM Studio .iBooking CS:

Universal Data Interface with channel manager- and reservation Software are the basics for an integrated e-commerce and booking engine:

Channelmanager   HotelPartner





CM Studio .iBooking includes with CM Studio .iBooking CS a universal data interface based on the OTA data standard. We have listed out here only a small list of our interface partners which you can connect with CM Studio .iBooking.

Each of these systems, in turn, provides a variety of interfaces, in particular of the leading reservation and property management systems such as...

    • HS/3 Software
    • Citadel
    • Hotline-Software
    • Logotel
    • Ibelsa 
    • Casablanca Software
    • Gastrodat
      • Protel
      • Wintop
      • Fidelio ab Version 8.9
      • Computer LAN
      • amonRA
      • lodgit


...and so we are able to connect, in cooperation with our partners, your online booking platform directly to your Backoffice- and PMS-Software. 

You did not find your individual backoffice software?

No problem, please feel free to call us at +49 (0)2203 8068405 or send us your inquiry by e-mail to sales(at) and we will keep in touch with you immedeately!


The Internet Booking Engine (IBE) from the Online-Professional for the Hotel-Professionals:

The MASCH customer service team will guide you through creating and setting up your own online service by an individual key accounter up to the final launch date of your booking platform. But even after that, our customer service will be daily from Monday to Friday by phone and online even 24 hours - 7 days a week available.