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CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard: 

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CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard ensures the complete integration of your document scanner into the electronic archiving process of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER.

According to our slogan:

-> Check your postbox

-> Scan your paper documents

 -> Archive your documents digital

CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard expands the functionality of your document scanner by network-critical functions such as Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-Application (into the SQL database of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER) and Scan-to-SMTP E-mail. Your document scanner needs simply the capability to launch CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard automatically after the integrated Scan-to-Folder function, so that the scanning app can transfer the scanned documents to CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard.


CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard conatains of two major software apps:

  • CM Studio .CAPTURE Standardthe Capture Profile Configurator, that lets you create with just a few mouse clicks a scan profile for the communication between your document scanner and CM Studio .DMS-SERVER. Within the configurator, you are able to define any number of capture profiles which are linked to your individual scan targets. You can choose by different pre-defined transfer methods, such as Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-HTTP or Scan-To-Local Network. You should anyway choose a scan target, which is linked with the monitoring of your CM Studio .DMS-SERVER.
  • The Capture Profile Configurator provides also the possibility to use Scan-To-E-Mail by transferring via your SMTP-based mail server. It is not necessary to transfer via Microsoft Outlook or a similar email client on your scan PC.
  • Tagging your documents directly during the capture process! CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard syncs up with your CM Studio .DMS-SERVER via an integrated XML interface. It allows the user to anchor the index search criteria to your archive directly via the associated capture profile data fields. You can enter the necessary keywords directly into the search mask. This reduces the work load of the scanned documents dramatically! 
  • CM Studio .CAPTURE Standardand the Scan Profile Chooser, which enables the user upload his documents to the pre-defined scan targets. Here with you can scan and transfer to targets either on your own network server or on a remote SMB or FTP server. In addition, CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard is the first capture application for CM Studio .DMS-SERVER, which enables 'direct' filing of documents into the SQL database of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER.
  • The Scan Profile Chooser includes a PDF preview button, which you can use to preview the scanned documents, before you will transfer them to the target folder or device.

CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard includes OCR support for PDF-A documents:

Take care and choose the right document scanner for your business. In cooperation with CM Studio .DMS-SERVER, the best choice can scan and create searchable PDF or PDF-A documents!

If your document scanner is able to create searchable PDF- or PDF-A documents during the scan process, then CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard is even more valuable to you.

CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard is able to recognize text from searchable PDF documents, by using the iFilter technology from CM Studio .ISEARCH. You simply need to install on your Scan-PC the free Adobe iFilter for Windows 7 or Windows 8 in 64-bit mode. CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard automatically generates after the scanning process the text copy of your PDF document, which is helpful for the full text index information of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER.

For more information regarding iFilter- und iSearch-technology, please click here...

CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard is more than a single scan client:

CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard can be extended by the CM Studio .PDF Extension. The combination of capture client and PDF extension enable the user of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER to archive all digitally generated PDF documents directly from his workstation into the CM Studio .DMS-SERVER based digital archive.

Proposals, your own invoices and delivery notes as well as accounting listings etc. created by your CRM software, CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard in combination with CM Studio .PDF Extension is the ultimate application suite for the direct integration of your document archive into your corporate business process.

For more information regarding CM Studio .PDF Extension, please click here...   


CM Studio .CAPTURE Standard and CM Studio .PDF Extension support Windows 7-, Windows 8- and Windows 10-PCs.


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