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- Linux-Edition -

1. Download

Please click with your mouse onto the button 'Download Now'' and download the installation file of CM Studio /CE-SERVER onto your computer's desktop!


2. Installation

You will be prompted to save the installation file „“ onto your client desktop or into a appropriate sub-directory on your Linux PC. After saving the installation file onto your computer, please extract the .zip archive into a dedicated directory folder. 

3. FTP connection

Please log onto your web server via a valid FTP connection.

4. Upload

Please upload the files installer.php und the ZIP-file onto your Linux server, which will be the host for your CM Studio /CE-SERVER application. 

5. Installation instructions

Please open the file installer.php by using your preferred web browser and follow the installation instructions, shown within the browser screen.

Installation Notes

Before you will start the installation program of CM Studio /CE-SERVER, please double-check the system requirements, which are listed in the right column of this page.

For a successful installation of CM Studio /CE-SERVER, you will need a valid FTP connection including a proper user login for your Linux Server, which will be the host of the CM Studio application. We recommend to use a dedicated FTP client application such as WSFTP Pro or similar. In addition to this, you will also need an active connection to the pre-installed MySQL database server with the following requirements. You will need to know...

  • the IP address of the database server,
  • the name of the database itself,
  • the login account for a database user (preferable the database administrator) which requires full read, write and delete permissions for the database server and the application database itself.
  • CM Studio /CE-SERVER as hosted application must be able to access with all permissions the sub-directory structure of the web-server, so that the application can read, write and modify its own application files and directories.

Please refer now to the above listed installation steps 1 up to 4 for proceeding a successful installation.

For further more information regarding the installation of CM Studio /CE-SERVER on a Linux server, please download the complete installation manual here...

CM Studio 2015 can be downloaded here:



for Microsoft Windows


for Apple OS/X


for Linux Server OS
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