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CM Studio 2017 /CE-SERVER

The ultimate Content Management Software for Linux-, Apple OS/X- and Microsoft Windows Server.

Content Management Software (CMS) is a system platform for creating, editing and organizing content. This content include text and multimedia documents. CMS software solutions are, from a generic point of view, authoring and publishing solutions, that an author can use without detailed programming or HTML skills. The presented and published information are so called content.


Which features does CM Studio /CE-SERVER include?

CM Studio 2017 is the easy-to-use web content management system from MASCH Software Solutions, which is based on the world-wide open-source technology of PHP. It offers you a scalable and powerful application platform for the online management of your website.

CM Studio 2017 /CE-SERVER functions as a free basic version of the CM Studio web server family. Depending on the task and the requirements for a web platform within your organization, CM Studio 2017 /CE-SERVER already offers powerful tools for a successful design and management of your website.

CM Studio /CE.-SERVER include the following basic features and modules:

  • A powerful web design interface with CSS and Java Script editor for creating a "responsive web design" for any resolution from  SmartPhone screen up to the full HD screen

  • Integrated browser and device detection for optimal display of your pages on PCs, Notebooks or Tablets as well as for presenting your website on SmartPhones under iOS, Android or Windows Phone operating systems.

  • Easy-to-use functionality and logical navigation through the web design workflows.

  • Integrated Rich Text Editor - with many text-, image- and table- functions as you know them probably from the popular office software applications.
  • CM Studio .FORM - the built-in form generator for creating e.g. contact- and service forms.

  • CM Studio .EXTRANET offers the possibility of context-sensitive presentation of content, which can be limited to certain user groups by password access.

  • CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK - integrate and interact with the leading social networks from your website by mouse click.

  • CM Studio .CRM - Customer and contact management integrated directly into your website manager.

  • Multi Language Manager for creating and maintaining multilingual websites.
  • NEW: Adv. SEO AUTOMATION - CM Studio 2017 / CE-SERVER provides a structured interface for capturing and managing all individual SEO information either per page or for global website information. Technical tags, such as HREFLANG TAG or CANONICAL TAG, are generated automatically and transmitted to the search engines. Sitemap.xml Support is provided automatically.

CM Studio 2015 can be downloaded here:



for Microsoft Windows


for Apple OS/X


for Linux Server OS
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