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CM Studio .DMS-SERVER Skizze

The intelligent content management system

User-defined workflows make your document management simple and efficient

You can work with user-defined procedures and workflows to keep the daily archiving and document management tasks for your employees simple but effective. Transfer your paper-based workflows 1:1 into a digital procedures.

Scanning and distributing documents within your company can be handled with CM Studio .DMS-SERVER in the same way as before: 

  • Open your daily postal-mail, use your scanner or MFD for scanning documents into folders on your network

  • CM Studio .DMS-SERVER with its built-in watch-dog workflow observes your network based scan-folders and imports automatically all documents into the corresponding archive folders on the DMS server

  • CM Studio .DMS-SERVER now informs by a pre-defined policy the appropriate user about new incoming documents

Your employees are now able to decide by themselves, who will be responsible for the next steps within the workflow and the final filing of a document within your archive. In practice, any employee within the workflow can provide search terms or other qualifying characteristics to a document, so that other people within the corporate can find those documents again by text or category search.

In addition, every user is able to assign an individual status and/or reminder status to each document. Via the document status management, you will be able to places document within the electronic folder structure, either as finally archived and closed or still active for document management requests and handles.

CM Studio .DMS-SERVER offers three different ways of database research:

  • via unstructured full text research via the document content database
  • via user-defined database fileds and category fields
  • via the classic view of an archive structered into folders, sections and sub-sections.