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Document Management simply with your web browser

CM Studio .DMS-SERVER can transform the way you work.

Designed as a solution for SMB companies, CM Studio .DMS-SERVER works with your existing Internet browser as the core client of your business processes. The goal for a document management solution is, regardless of the size of the business, always the same:

You want to manage the pile of incoming paper documents as well as your own documents efficiently and flexibly. All those documents have to be distributed into different departments, must be checked and approved by individual people and at the end of each business process, the archiving process should cover an efficient and fast research, so that you can find and reproduce documents with one mouse click.

Traditional archiving systems are usually large and functionally complex applications that require high-performance server and workstation computers and more or less they require a time-intensive training for your staff.

Here are the major advantages of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER:

  • browser based application
  • platform independent client application,
  • server application for Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 Server, Linux OS or Apple OS/X 10.7.x and higher
  • Integration into your intranet
  • Navigation light / easy to use functionality

File and Document ManagementRecord Management

The record management is the central hub for all the information about a job or a certain business process.

The folder-based file management of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER structures all relevant information such as correspondence, personal documents and evidence associated with a business process and stores it in a file-based digital archive.

The classic folder here is a virtual instrument to link documents and/or electronic information together.

Any information in paper form will be scanned, recognized, converted into electronic PDF-documents and classified by the indexing process, so that the information through this process of a virtual "file" can be supplied to the user. 

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You know about the challenges for a successful document management solution? - We know them too!

We recommend for use in combination with the CM Studio. DMS-SERVER 2012. multi functional devices and document scanners, which enable the digital distribution of files via "Scan2Folder", "Scan2FTP" or "Scan2EMail". Speed​​, high quality and low cost must be no contradictional claim.

Important is the full integration of the scan system into your network and an easy-to-use administration, for example, through an integrated web interface. A document scanner can be integrated into your network by a local USB port or an optional network interface.

With features like "Scan2Folder" and "Scan2FTP" you can send your documents, for example onto the OCR connector of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER. After the successful full-text indexing process has been performed, CM Studio .DMS-SERVER automatically takes your scanned documents into the digital document archive. Based on our open XML interfaces, you are always able to link CM Studio .DMS-SERVER with your third party commercial application.


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