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CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use and reliable solution, which allows any organization to archive the complete e-mail traffic including all related attachments for all common e-mail server platforms.

  • CM Studio. E-ARCHIVE can be connected via IMAP or by appliance services to your existing messaging system, without compromising the stability or scalability of the existing environment. CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE allows your company to archive all e-mails and e-mail attachments and communicates with all popular mail-server platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, Zimbra, Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Qmail, Apple Internet Mail Server.

  • The CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE appliance mode now also offers a deeper integration with e-mail servers like Microsoft Exchange, Kerio Connect or Novell Groupwiseintegration with e-mail servers

    Your e-mail server provides specific functionality ,e.g. the setup of a journal-user, which supports the legal requirements of a dedicated e-mail archiving support. Very good, because with CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE the so-called appliance mode, just use these functions for an improoved synchronization between your e-mail server and the e-mail archiving application.

    Synchronize the journal user of your Microsoft Exchange Server (version 2003 or higher) or use the backup feature of your EML Kerio Connect Server or your Novell Groupwise and integrate your e-mail archiving application CM Studio E-ARCHIVE on the server or post office level of your collaboration platform.
    CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE takes responsibility of the complete management of your e-mail archive server and the allocation of your archive boxes with the proper user on your network.

  • access rights for such a folder to the group of e-mail archive usersConfidentiality of data
    Through an integrated login system CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE ensures that every user can basically only access his own archived e-mails. In addition shared group folders within your e-mail server, can be accessed by more than one user in the e-mail archive as well. You only have to assign access rights for such a folder to the group of e-mail archive users within CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE .

  • Completeness of the data
    CM Studio. E-ARCHIVE imports all e-mail messages by keeping the information about your e-mail folder structure from your mailbox. This enables the subsequent search for messages within specific folders, but in first of all CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE guarantees you that even deleted or filtered e-mails will be archived and stored proper within the CM Studio .E.ARCHIVE database.

  • Prevents un-autorized manipulation of your e-mail content
    CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE  uses different methods and technologies to prevent the manipulation of e-mail content:

    • Internal encryption of e-mail texts and attachments
    • No direct access to the CM Studio. E-ARCHIVE software to archive files
    • Manipulation of the e-mail content is not possible, either via the graphical interface nor within the application itself.

  • All archived mailboxes will be logged continuously
    All activities are written by specifying the user name, time and activity into a secuured log protocol. So at any time you can prove that the archived data cannot be changed or manipulated.

  • The full text index allows every user to find any e-mail messageEasy to find and recover any e-mail and any attached information
    CM Studio. E-ARCHIVE generates during the import a full text index of each message text. The full text index allows every user to find any e-mail message via the advanced search screen within seconds.

  • Seamless service to end users
    CM Studio. E-ARCHIVE provides a web-based re-search and administration interface, so that you can access your e-mails it at any time from anywhere via the web browser. Your IT administrator has no need of updating or installing any kind of client application on any workstation in your company, because you can use all popular Internet browser as client software for CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE.

  • The deletion of e-mails by the user is not possible   ->   so CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE supports the most important criteria of audit-proof for e-mail archiving.
    Important e-mails can be lost by technical errors, accidental deletion, intentional deletion or incomplete backups.
    CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE archives within the defined time cycle all your mailbox folders including the complete attached structure. This means that CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE really archives all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages, even the ones you have already stored in the TRASH, or filtered out as junk or spam e-mail.

    the most important criteria of audit-proof for e-mail archiving


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