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General aspects regarding e-mail archiving

There are already today a variety of solutions for the e-mail archive services on the market. So the selection of a suitable archiving system is not easy, especially because the decision for a specific e-mail archiving software is a principle decision for a long-term product commitment, which influences the IT infrastructure of the company.

The basic functions such as "save / archive" and "search / find again" of course are dominating the daily use of every e-mail archiving software.

In addition, there are very serious differences between the various solutions. The most important facts, which every e-mail archiving system should fit, we have outlined them here:

General aspects regarding e-mail archivingSecurity Audit
The legal requirements for email archiving include that e-mails cannot be subsequently changed and the authenticity of the e-mail, including all attachments can be detected proper.

Encryption of archived e-mails
To e-mail effectively to protect against access by unauthorized third parties, they should only be archived encrypted.

Search Options
Every powerful e-mail archive software include a high-performance and intelligent re-search capability, which provides a fast and easy retrieval functions, to make every e-mail quick accessible to the user.


Administrative expenses should be limited
The e-mail archives should be largely self managed and it should run as most as automated like a 'black box' appliance in the background.

How long a company must store and secure their e-mail correspondence?
The retention periods comply with the commercial laws and tax code in each country, so that we cannot give here a definite answer. But in general, we can say, that in most countries e-mail archiving regulations are dominated by the same rules and regulations as accounting data and record management.

What demands are requested for an audit-proof of e-mail archiving? Generally, all relevant e-mails and file attachments are stored completely tamper-proof and always available.So books, records, inventories, financial statements, management reports, opening balances must be kept in the most countries for not less than ten years. Received trade or business letters reproductions, despatched the trade or business letters and other documents relevant for the taxation of importance are to be retained in most countries of the European Union (EU) for six years.

What demands are requested for an audit-proof of e-mail archiving?
Generally, all relevant e-mails and file attachments are stored completely tamper-proof and always available.

Who is responsible?
The responsibility for the proper implementation of legal requirements to retain e-mails is the CEO or the owner of a company.

This web page is not intended to give legal advices to any visitor of this web page. Those information are not prooven be specific laws of any country and for proper legal information, you should contact your lawyer or any legal council in your country. 


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