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Principles and requirements of e-mail archiving:

In spite of obvious clear legal order, the subject of e-mail archiving in european companies, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises is not really accepted and apreciated, independent from the fact that it might have tax and labor consequences for an entrepreneur, if he ignores the needs of an archiving solution.

According to IT analysts, less than 50% of all companies in Europe take care for the authentic revision control and correct storage handling of e-mails Learn more...

CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE: Front-End and Search:

Easy to find and restore e-mails and information

CM Studio. E-ARCHIVE provides full-text indexing of text messages. The full-text indexing allows you quickly to find your e-mail messages using the built-in advanced search mask.

CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE supports all users with a fast and reliable access to their archived e-mails, as well as to e-mails of shared folders of their colleagues. This increases productivity of each employee and also of a whole team. Learn more...

CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE: Admin-Interface:

The easy way of installation and adiministration

Full platform independence - thanks to IMAP usage

CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE is an easy-to-install, stable and reliable solution, that can be easy connected to your existing messaging and collaboration system without any damage to stability and scalability of the existing environment. CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE allows your company to archive E-mails und E-mail attachments very quick and easy and supports all major e-mail server applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, Zimbra, Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Qmail, Apple Internet Mail Server. Learn more...

CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE: Cloud Service:

Cloud as a server alternative

How can I archive my E-mails if I do not have my own application server in my company?

MASCH Software Solutions' CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE CLOUD license is the ultimate solution for E-mail archiving, used at typical SMB installations, which are provided today without a dedicated server. An installation such as a single user up to typical small installation (3-10 users) are not covered today with any specific archiving solution, besides a general form of e-mail hosts for small or medium enterprises. The cloud application here is certainly acceptable for the most of users, because their E-mails are also located on a hosted system of their Internet provider. Learn more... 

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