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CM Studio. FORM - the intelligent form generator software for your website -

Forms are important for the communication with visitors of your website. A form is a standardized tool for collecting data, which are available either in paper or electronic form (e.g. web forms). Usually forms contain short text fields (such as: "Last Name", "first name", "address") and simple or multiple (such as: "Married: yes / no") selection boxes.

Forms usually help to simplify the collection of mass data, ensure completeness and protect against any possible ambiguity in the word of free choice or as an informal request may occur.

A form today will be found on almost every website. This may fulfill different tasks:

  • Contact Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Request Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Product Inquiry
  • Survey forms and others.

CM Studio .FORM Administration

With CM Studio .FORM, you are able to create any kind of web form. There are no explicit programming skills required for the setup and the maintenance of such forms. All you need is the installation of CM Studio /CE-SERVER and a valid license from CM Studio .FORM.

You can immediately begin creating your web forms. Even for the creation of complex forms, which are equipped with plausibility checks or complete workflow mechanisms no programming skills will be necessary.

CM Studio. FORM is very user friendly and offers extensive opportunities. Within minutes you can design your form and publish it on the Internet. You have full control over defining the shape of the form fields and, in particular, and you can even implement mandatory fields with one mouse click. The designed forms are integrated into your CM Studio application and are accessible at any time. You can also enable an automatic email notification. Data can easily be incorporated into other applications using copy- and/or CSV export feature. You can use multiple, different forms at one site, because each form will be configured separately for itself.


CM Studio .FORM offers the following features:

    • Free design of forms - CM Studio. FORM is not limited to one single form on your web site. You can even build complex forms easily and intuitive! CM Studio .FORM
    • Create your own layout  -  To your own preference, you can determine the layout of your form itself. You can add questions, check boxes, list boxes and multi boxes on the form.
    • Required fields definition  -  You can force a visitor to fill in some required fields by so-called mandatory fields.
    • Error Template  -  In the event that one of your visitors has not filled in a mandantory field, he will get an error message displayed. This kind of error message(s), can be individually pre-defined by your web-admin
    • Confirmation Message Display  -  Once a visitor has submitted his form, you can show him a confirmation message on the screen.
    • Edit entries  -  CM Studio .FORM provides the data that have been recorded via your forms into a separate form database, easliy available via the administration application of CM Studio. You can change or remove such data. CM Studio .FORM Administration
    • Export of inputs  -  The entries that have been made on your forms and stored in the database, you can just take over with the help of CSV export or copy functions into a third party application.

  • CM Studio .FORM is fast, easy to use and reliable. Let us convince you of the functionality and ease of deployment and start by you: with your own online forms!