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What should afford a modern hotel website for you?

Gäste gewinnen
Attract customers and drive them to your website:

      • Establish search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) for your website
      • Promote links with social networks like Facebook, Google+, Google Places, etc.

Urlaubsstimmung bei den Besuchern Ihrer Website wecken
Raise positive emotions and holiday feelings with your website:
      • Fascinating background pictures and photo slideshows contribute an emotional and quick decision for your hotel
      • Positive reviews directly on the hotel's own site, but also on external review-platforms are helpful for your online marketing 
      • Live communication with your guests through an integrated social blog
      • Attractive packages and individual booking incentives

Online-Besucher in Gäste umwandeln
Convert your website visitors into happy guests of your hotel:
      • An integrated booking engine will help you to convert your marketing campaign into online sales success
      • Voucher sales is an important e-commerce extension to market your additional services such as spa treatments, etc. through your website

Gäste binden
Convince new guests at your hotel and win friends for your hotel:
      • Integrated feedback and rating management,
      • Own newsletter and social media marketing,
      • Customer-Relation-Management Program through your website and your online marketing

CM Studio .HOTEL is the 'all-in-one' solution for your online success:

CM Studio .HOTEL offers all the important features and functions for your successful website from one source:

Multi Language ​​Manager
  • Multi Language ​​Manager 

    for multilingual representation of your website including the support of Cyrillic, Arabic or Asian characters.

    Please be noticed, that CM Studio .HOTEL does not include any language translation capability.
  • CM Studio .PHOTO-GALLERYWith CM Studio .BANNER & CM Studio .PHOTO-GALLERY you will be able to create interactive slideshows, moving wallpapers and attractive photo galleries fully integrated into your website content.
  • CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK is responsible for the connection and interaction of your website with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & Co. Integrate your YouTube videos into your website and take advantage of the attractive way of presenting your hotel with animated video clips. 
  • interactively contact and inquiry formsCM Studio .FORM 
    allows you to create interactively contact and inquiry forms or helps you to build up your own marketing survey.

    The associated evaluation feature in the administration module of CM Studio .HOTEL provides you with all options of review your forms or surveys online and just in time.

    You can export your survey results into Microsoft Excel or any other compatible chart software.
  • CM Studio .STATISTIC
    provides you with a daily accurate evaluation report which allows you at any time to generate a detailed report about the visitor hits and clicks on your website.

    Based on this report, you will be able to make reasonable conclusions for your online and search engine marketing.
  • search-engine keyword lists, without any knowledgeCM Studio .HOTEL is SEO-optimized!

    The application helps you by the definition and the maintenance of your search-engine keyword lists, without any knowledge about html programing.
a complete online database of your guests, the online visitors of your website
  • CM Studio .CRM
    enables you to build up a complete online database of your guests, the online visitors of your website and newsletter subscribers, that are simultaneously connected with the online booking platform.
CM Studio .iFeedback
    enables you to promote your own guest reviews and related surveys . Ask for the feedback from your guests, actively on your site.

    This will help you to improve your services and will give you an easy and fast feedback from your customers.
  • Create your own newsletter with CM Studio .E-MAIL NEWS.

    Use the simple user interface to develop your own online marketing campaigns.

    Inform existing guests and registered visitors of your website about the highlights of your hotel on a regular basis.
  • CM Studio .MOBILE-DETECTIONCM Studio .HOTEL is fully Smartphone- and Tablet compatible

    Dual "Responsive Design" 
    is the ability of CM Studio .HOTEL to present your website not limited to the Desktop- or Noteook-PCs of your visitors.

    CM Studio .HOTEL boosts your online presence to SmarPhone- und Tablet users as weel. CM Studio .HOTEL supports more than 600  SmartPhone devices running under iOS, Android or Windows Phone operating system.
supports the active sales of gift vouchers through your website
    supports the active sales of gift vouchers through your website.

    Improove your direct sales business by providing gift vouchers for your additional hotel services.

    Make your website part of your online sales and take benefit from the more and more online trend in the society.

CM Studio .iBooking Enzhance your CM Studio .HOTEL website by the optional integrated booking engine: CM Studio .iBooking

Of course, the CM Studio .iBooking administration can be seamlessly integrated into your CM Studio .HOTEL website. Using CM Studio .iBooking, you will be able to expand your Website into your own fully integrated booking platform for your hotel.

CM Studio .iBooking supports as well several XML-interfaces to your channelmanager software as well as to external meta search platforms such as TripAdvisor.

  • expand your Website into your own fully integrated booking platform for your hotelCM Studio .Booking MOBILE 
    is specially designed for SmartPhones users.

    It provides the booking interface of CM Studio .iBooking for more than 600 different SmartPhone devices. 

    CM Studio .iBooking MOBILE will expand your integrated online booking solution to iOS, Android or Windows Phone operating system.

    Online usage has beend dramatically increased within the past 3 years. So recognize, that your customers in future will book more and more by their smartphones!!!
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