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CM Studio .iBooking integrates e-payment functionality

E-PaymentStored credit card information are not really safe for the recipient, because as long as you have no signature or the associated PIN code of the booking guest, you have to rely, in case of cancelation, on the sincere cooperation of your guest.

If the guest denies that he has received your booking confirmation and if you don't have his signature under a corresponding document, you will usually receive a chargeback of the drawn amount by your credit card company.

Is this a correct and proven business procedure, performed by the credit card provider?

Yes, because this is common procedure regarding credit card disputes, which allows the provider to charge back the complete amount, in case of an online transaction under dispute. You as credit card acceptor must prove (by signature or PIN code), that the guest has confirmed your terms and conditions. 

The satisfaction of the cardholder is more important to the credit card operators. At the end you as a hotelier pay the "bill" under dispute.

This might be no longer your risk with CM Studio .iBooking!

Offer your guests flexible payment terms and do not give up your own safety regarding short-term cancellations or no-show.


By integrating e-payment services from Swiss PostFinance, German Postbank AG and the U.S. e-payment service provider CM Studio .iBooking is the first IBE for hotels with a 'real' online shop and e-payment functionality. is a classic e-payment provider, that allows you to integrate 'plug&play' online payment feature into your hotel booking platform without monthly/yearly fees or any setup costs. You simply need to register your bank account for incoming payments and then you have to pay 3% credit card commission on Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards as well as $ 0.30 transaction fee per each transfer. All other details can be found on the website

The Swiss PostFinance and the German Postbank are maninly working with customers in their respective countries.

E-payment services offered by a powerful service partner

So you can, depending on your own preference, offer and process common e-payment methods within your booking platform. To resume the collection efficient and reliable, and secure your online business against fraught credit card information or any kind of credit card disputes in case of guest cancelation.

Based on the different e-payment services of the two banks (PostFinance and Postbank AG) and the online payment service provider, CM Studio .iBooking now offers more alternative payment methods, which you can provide to your guests:

          • Online direct payment by most common credit cards 

How do e-payment services of work?

You will find all necessary information and contact details for the e-payment service at the following links: