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Full-text index during archiving

CM Studio .ISEARCH is based on Microsoft's IFilter technology.


With CM Studio .ISEARCH text content of digital documents such as Microsoft Word files, Excel spreadsheets, etc. are extracted to generate the full-text index of this document for filing by CM Studio .DMS-SERVER or CM Studio .ECM-SERVER. The IFilter technology of Microsoft is based on COM object classes with a specific filter interface, that is used by Microsoft Index Search Engine to index documents stored on the hard disk and later found to be able to search through.

CM Studio .ISEARCH works similar to the above described IFilter technology. CM Studio .ISEARCH is used to generate the full-text index for digital documents stored in the filing cabinet of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER.

The add-on module CM Studio .ISEARCH is a Windows-based software tool, that can convert digital documents such as Microsoft Word or Excel documents analogue to the features of the CM Studio .OCR-CONNECTOR. CM Studio .ISEARCH can be installed either on a Windows 7-, Windows 8- or Windows 10-desktop or on a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 / 2012.

CM Studio .ISEARCH is part of the CM Studio .OCR CONNECTOR, but it be purchased as a separate module as well. CM Studio .ISEARCH does not contain its own IFilters. These must be separately obtained or downloaded from the respective vendors.


How does CM Studio .ISEARCH work?

CM Studio .ISEARCHCM Studio .ISEARCH can monitor a directory recursively (hot folder technology) and as soon as new files have been stored in the monitored directory structure, CM Studio .ISEARCH creates additional text files with the same file name as the original document but with an additional file extension: *.iftxt.

CM Studio .ISEARCH is scheduled via the Windows scheduler and can therefore run on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 and Windows Servers 2012. 

CM Studio .ISEARCH supports IFilter packs either in 32- or 64-bit mode. After the conversion has been completed, the files are imported along with the actual document from the CM Studio .DMS-SERVER or the CM Studio .ECM-SERVER and used for full-text indexing of the document within your filing cabinet.

CM Studio .DMS-SERVER as well as CM Studio .ECM-SERVER uses the normal directory monitoring feature to import the file formats such as Microsoft Office documents. Using CM Studio .ISEARCH allows you to expand your filing cabinet into a complete digital archive of your data.


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