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Full text research for your document management

Fast retrieval and exact full text re-search is one of the most important aspects for a document management application. CM Studio .DMS-SERVER  provides you with excellent re-search capabilities, that save valuable time. The core of this is based on the powerful SQL database, which allows even for large data volume quick results within your archived documents.

CM Studio .OCR-CONNECTORWithin a document repository, users can define separate criteria for the classification and indexing of documents. The so-defined search fields are the basis of any document re-search requested by the user. The user can for example request within the search-index form for a certain invoice by invoice- or project number. Those search criteria must be assigned by operator to each document during the import process, so that they can be found later by other users from the document database.

Beside those manual search categories and key words, a useful function within the CM Studio .DMS-SERVER is the ability to perform a full-text research within all documents. For generating such an automatic full text index, you may need either the add-on product CM Studio .OCR-CONNECTOR or a document desktop scanner, which is capable to create "searchable" PDF documents plus MASCH's index server software CM Studio .iSEARCH

Most of the modern document scanner use an integrated OCR software, which enables the scanner to create automatically after the scan process so called "searchable PDF documents". MASCH's index server software CM Studio .iSEARCH is able to extract the OCR results from the "searchable" PDF documents and creates during the import process of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER or CM Studio .ECM-SERVER the full text index for the document management database.

ABBYY FineReader Corporate EditionThe CM Studio .OCR-CONNECTOR is a combined hardware / software solution, consisting of a Business PC based on Windows 10 and a corporate license of the world's leading OCR software ABBYY Finereader.

For the automated indexing process of new documents, you have to setup the so called "Hot-Folder" monitoring process of ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition. The "Hot-Folder" monitoring process is an integrated module of ABBYY FineReaders corporate edition, which you can use to process orders and to monitor documents to be later imported by CM Studio .DMS-SERVER or by CM Studio .ECM-SERVER.

Jobs can be created within in the Job Wizard of this third party application. The hot-folder feature offers the following features to CM Studio .DMS-SERVER:

  • Time and Repeat pattern of job
  • Monitoring of folders to newly added images
  • Notification of job completion via e-mail to specific recipients
  • Driving workflows with barcodes if necessary

This shows the perfect link between OCR application and the database server of CM Studio .DMS-SERVER. Defining an import policy for document-import into the CM Studio .DMS-SERVER database server, you only need one mouse click to activate the full-text search. So all automatically archived documents can be released by full-text re-search within your electronic archive and indexed by the OCR connectors completely.


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