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CM Studio 2017 /PRO-SERVER

The ultimate Content Management Software for Linux-, Apple OS/X- and Microsoft Windows Server.

Content Management Software (CMS) is a system platform for creating, editing and organizing content. This content include text and multimedia documents. CMS software solutions are, from a generic point of view, authoring and publishing solutions, that an author can use without detailed programming or HTML skills. The presented and published information are so called content.


Which add-on features does CM Studio /PRO-SERVER include compared with the /CE-SERVER?

  • NEW: CM Studio .BANNER & PHOTO-GALLERY - The latest release of the MASCH's photo and banner gallery software enables you as an operator of the website to create, edit, and expand photo galleries or advertising banners at any time in order to be able to display current pictures of your products professionally on your website .

  • CM Studio .OPERATIONS-MANAGER will provide advanced content approval process. Administrators can create workflows with editors and reviewers. Workflow approvals can be configured in a top down hierarchy at the site, page, and module level. CM Studio .OPERATIONS-MANAGER provide granular security rights to pages, modules and folder, which allow you to precisely define which content contributors can edit which content on each page.

  • High Performance Page and Module Caching - Multiple caching options speed the delivery of web pages and reduce the workload on your web servers

  • NEW: CM Studio .STATISTIC - Analyze your website at your fingertips comprehensive and logical.
  • CM Studio .CATALOGUE enables you to create a complete document management archive within your web portal as well as categorize and display documents in a folder or tree structure.

  • CM Studio .FORM unlimited - Forms are important for the communication with visitors of your website. A CM Studio .FORM is a standardized tool for collecting data, which are available either in paper or electronic form (e.g. web forms). Usually forms contain short text fields (such as: "Last Name", "first name", "address") and simple or multiple (such as: "Married: yes / no") selection boxes.
  • CM Studio 2017 /PRO_SERVER is not a community software and includes a 1 year Support- and Upgrade-Maintenance.

  • Advanced Site Search - The search engine includes rich query syntax with support for Boolean searches, phrase searches, relevance searches, wild cards, fuzzy searches, and groupings.

  • NEW: CM Studio .NEWS-TICKER prives the ability to create interactive news ticker sections for your own news postings as well as linking features tio 3rd party information provider.
  • NEW: Adv. SEO AUTOMATION - CM Studio 2017 /PRO-SERVER provides a structured interface for capturing and managing all individual SEO information either per page or for global website information. Technical tags, such as HREFLANG TAG or CANONICAL TAG, are generated automatically and transmitted to the search engines. Sitemap.xml Support is provided automatically.

  • Amazon EC2 Support - based on ZEND's Server on Amazon EC2 - CM Studio 2017 /PRO-SERVER can be hosted in the Amazon cloud. Amazon Web-Services is a web service that provides scalable compute capacity in a public cloud.

    Using the Zend Server Amazon Machine Image (AMI), a ready-to-use virtual machine image that includes the latest version of Zend Server, CM Studio 2017 /PRO-SERVER is able to take advantage of Amazon EC2's benefits:

    • Obtain a pre-configured, enterprise-grade PHP runtime environment with minimal friction
    • Leverage Amazon's proven cloud computing environment
    • Quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change
    • Pay only for capacity that you actually use

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