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CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK - Overview:

Social networks in your websiteThe world is today more and more linked into social networks - Not only in your private life the communication via social networks and coimmunicties plays an increasing role. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have reached the corporate marketing communication of companies and it is an important part of today's marketing activities of any successful company.

Social forums within the corporate intranet increase creativity and productivity of the employees and they are an ultimately and helpful tool to improve the efficiency of entire teams of employees. An efficient and well-established user-blog helps companies to turn customers and prospects into fans of their products and services. This helps to improve the business, increase the sales and gain above all customer satisfaction.

CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK allows companies to quickly establish a specific BLOG forum on various topics and involves employees, customers as well as visitors of your website just into the community communication. Learn from your customers, their needs and creativity, and involve your customers into your important business processes. This increases customer loyalty, reduce service and support costs, and ultimately increase the sales opportunities for your products and your company's success.


Users foster community relations

Registered users and subscribers can now establish social connections through web platforms managed by CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK. CM Studio .SOCIAL NETWORK allows users to follow your "friends" and to accept or reject other users or groups and to gain new friends and followers.

With CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK, increase collaboration and communication between your customers and your employees via the World Wide Web!

Google +Your users can join as members of the various discussion groups and share content to members of their group. Discussion forums and blogs within your site can also be linked to social networking groups and their members. Prospective panelists need this to make a specific registry, but can be turned on with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account in the discussion live and at any time with.

Offer your visitors the authentication via their social networking account - This increases the involvement of the community!

Users and members of the leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and can now register for a CM Studio 2013 based website by using their social network credentials as their registration data. No complex and painful filling out of registration forms, no lengthy approval process, simply use your well-known account of Facebook, Google+, Twitter or and your pesonal data will be transmitted automatically after the user has agreed to turn from an anonymous visitors to an interactive user of your website.

Surveys and empirical analyzes have shown, that users are willing to register to your internet portal via this way with6.2 times higher than compared to visitors, who are performing the classical registration process using an online form.

integration with Facebook & Co.CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK is more than only integration with Facebook & Co.!

CM Studio .SOCIAL-NETWORK provides a full set of features for the modern 'social' communication in the Internet from creating your own blog up to posting comments about your products andservices within your own website.

  • Ask your customers to post rankings and comments about your products, services and your website!
  • Ask your customers within your service blog for feedback and their opinion about your products.
  • Built up your own online university with your own video trainings and product tutortials!
  • Advertise your products with attractive video clips!
  • Use the advantages from the video platform YouTube for streaming your own video productions and enhance your SEO marketing via the so important backlinks from YouTube to your website.
  • Create your own posts to your social media platforms such as Facebook & Co.

... und all of those features are free of charge included in the Community Edition of CM Studio Web-Server.

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