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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a miracle

With CM Studio 2017, you will be ranked and found better by Google & Co. ...

Mobile First with CM Studio 2017

Mobile sites become very important to the search engine business of Google, Bing and Co. The main reason there is is caused by the increasing amount of search engine requests via mobile devices such as SmartPhones and Tablet PCs.

The principle "Mobile First!", which Google has announced for the first time in early 2015, is now always consistently implemented by all search engines, especially by Google itself. This is mainly due to references from well-known Google analysts like Gary Illyes, that in future two indexes will control the Google search:   one index for the mobile search and a second for the desktop search.

responsives LayoutIn consequence the search engines will provide you with different results depending on whether you are using your SmartPhone or your desktoip PC for your Google or Bing research.

Please, take care:   A responsive webdesign does not create automatically a mobile website

Often times the terms responsive web design and mobile website are mixed up and misunderstood.

The ability to create with CM Studio 2017 a responsive layout, allows you to make your website readable and useful on many different devices such as Desktop PCs, Notebooks or Tablet's by an easy and inexpsenive method. There for you do not need to develop different design templates and the maintenance effort need to be done only once.

With traditional content management solutions, you create a mobile website design from the scratch up for the mobile displays and the related screen resolutions. Often times images and text content for this type of mobile presentation, especially on SmartPhones, must be rewritten and adapted to the needs of mobile use. In most cases the layout must be designed specifically for this kind of online presentation so far.

CM Studio 2017 includes an automated and self-learning SmartPhone detection

The integrated SmartPhone detection recognizes more than 600 different smartphone devices to their individual SmartPhone ID and therefore, the direct representation makes your site optimized for SmartPhone users.


Quantitaver und qualitativer Content entscheiden über Ihren SEO-ErfolgContent is King

The slogan "Content is King" is in reality one of the most important aspects of a search engine result (SERP) in connection with the search engine optimization of your website. Through the Internet, the search engine specific adaptation of a website is called search engine optimization (SEO). The main goal of SEO primarily is to achieve a better ranking for your own website at search engines like Google, Yahoo or BING. Optimizing a web page is splitted into two main tasks: The Onpage SEO which is primarliy related to your own website and the OffPage SEO which includes all tasks, with which you can improove the ranking of your website.

Content is King stands for two main aspects:

  • Quantity of content per page, because each page should have a sufficient textual description, so that it is also worthwhile for the search engines to rank the pages. Most search engines expect today an average of 700 words or more per page.

  • Written quality of the content:  Content should be structured by headings (H1 - H6 tags), highlighted elements in bold or italic text, so that it is easier for your visitors, but especially for the search engines to read and understand your information.

CM Studio 2017 helps you to structure your content and so far this will increase your search engine ranking

All SEO relevant elements such as H1-, H2- and other tags will be taken under consideration by CM Studio 2017 in order to improove your content infomration for your search engine ranking. At least, you only have to write us more about your products and services.


Automate your SEO functionalities with CM Studio 2017

Um Begriffe wie Title, Meta-Description, Canonical Tags, XML-Sitemap, Alt-Tags, Robots-Einträge, anpassbare Headlines und vieles mehr brauchen Sie sich mit CM Studio 2017 keine Gedanken machen. Entweder CM Studio 2017 generiert die notwendigen Einträge automatisch für Sie im Hintergrund oder die Software fordert Sie auf, ihr die notwendigen inhaltlichen Informationen zu geben.

Mit CM Studio 2017 bietet MASCH Software Solutions in mehreren Service-Stufen eine Vielzahl von Hilfeoptionen, die Sie beim Erstellen von suchmaschinenoptimierten Internetseiten vollends unterstützt.

Nur eines müssen SIE selber bewältigen:
Sie müssen den Content schreiben und alle notwendigen Informationen zu Ihren Produkten und Dienstleistungen über den Text- und Content-Editor von CM Studio 2017 einarbeiten.

You do not need to worry about CM Studio 2017 in terms of Title, Meta-Description, Canonical Tags, XML Sitemap, Alt tags, Robots entries, customizable headlines and much more technical issues. Either CM Studio 2017 generates the necessary entries automatically for you in the background or the software prompts you to receive the necessary content-related information from you.

With CM Studio 2017, MASCH Software Solutions offers a wide range of support options to help you creating your search engine-optimized web pages.

Only one thing you have to do by yourself:
You must write the content and incorporate all the necessary information about your products and services using the CM Studio 2017 text and content editor.


MASCH Design Library

Would you like to create your own Website, but have no idea how it may look like? We are glad to help you. At your service the complete collection of our templates' samples.

Customers prefer MASCH design templates because...

  • they are created by professional designers.
  • they are fitting the most actual international design standards.
  • they are adapted for the USPs of MASCH CM Studio 2017.
  • they support the SEO and SEM specific features of CM Studio 2017.
  • at anytime they can be adapted to your individual corporate identy (CI).

Designtemplates according to categories:









Design-Template 48242Design-Template 48624Design-Template 52998Design-Template 55427Design-Template 55541




Choose your personal favourites from the existing design samples. By the order share the ID number of the desired design samples with your authorized MASCH partner or contact our Customer Service Team if you have any other questions.

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