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Contact Management and CRM within your web site

Somewhere between the chaos of sticky notes and spreadsheets, and the complexity of ERP and CRM solutions, companies need a simple but online solution for the customer and contact management.

Imagine about a web application, that keeps all your phone numbers, contact informaton, addresses, emails, meeting notes, to-dos, and documents for everyone you do business with in one place.

The CRM contact database of CM Studio 2017 /CE-SERVER is the first step for you to get your Contact and Customer Management online and synchronized with your classical ERP application

But, that's not all. With CM Studio 2017 CRM contact database, you have the option to connect your customers to individual and specific sales and marketing services within your web portal. This helps you to build the long-lasting, profitable relationships to your customers and partners

Now that's an effective way to not only manage, but also grow your business.


TOP 5 reasons for integrating your contact management into your web site:

Web-enabling your contact data will allow you to do the following:

  1. When your are away from your own PC, you can access your contacts and all business related information from your ERP software from any other Internet connection via your web portal. Just launch the browser of your laptop or your mobile device and you can access your database content.
  2. Extend your contact database by individual required data structure, so that you can use your online contact manager for individual reporting and business analysis.
  3. Share your online database with colleagues, partners and your team, to improove teamwork between inside and external members of your sales and marketing team.
  4. Using actively CM Studio .CRM Contact Manager in combination with CM Studio .DMS-SERVER you will extend your document management options dramatically, because CM Studio .CRM Contact Manager allows you to assign your active contacts to your filed and archived documents within CM Studio .DMS-SERVER. This allows you to retrieve those documents direct from your contact manager.
  5. CM Studio .ECM-SERVER benefits most from the new CM Studio .CRM Contact Manager. Documents but also e-mails can be automatically assigned to the contact in your CRM database! Create a seamless communications archive for your business processes!

MASCH provides with CM Studio 2017 and the CM Studio Add-On Applications an intelligent middleware platform. In this way, existing systems and application environments for efficient content management and CRM functionality can be extended. In addition, the interactive ling between business applications from CAD, Office applications and ERP on the one side and CM Studio on the other side is possible. These are connected via simple-to-implement data synchronization to the CM Studio based Intranet or Extranet portal.