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Archiving E-Mails for Companies

Using e-mail software and e-mail communication has been increased during the last years to the world's number one in communication solutions.  However, the problem of large data volumes and the effective management of this data is still not really solved.


Companies using their own e-mail servers in the office are struggling now with overloaded mailboxes and a weak system performance as a result of the tremendous increase of e-mail communication. Small companies with e-mail server hosted by their internet provider are facing this problem much more dramatic. The mailboxes' memory space is usually limited, so the ISP forces its users to delete old e-mails in the mailbox. Often times user are storing their e-mail content on a local disc drive, but by changing the hardware or any kind of hardware system problem the e-mail information disaster will raise up.

The ultimate solution for this dilemma, is providedby CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE.

CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE + E-Mail = informs quick, easy and complete

CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE synchronizes your mailbox in a regular cycle with its archive database and stores all e-mails, including attachments in its high-performance and secured archive back-end. Text and index information will be stored in its powerful SQL-database, while the e-mails and documents are stored in the original format on the web server. With efficient search mechanisms the user can always access his the e-mails as well as the attached documents and related data.

In addition to the relief of your e-mail server, the general advantage is the quick and easy access to a conte

nt that may be urgently required by your employers or for specific projects. At the same time, the group and user access rights onto the e-mail content can be implemented as well as group access to the shared folder and its content of your e-mail system.

Save your costs with 'smart' archiving

Server storage space and CPU-resources causing in generally high costs, no matter whether in larger or smaller systems. The solution for your e-mail platform is the automated and server-based e-mail archiving.

E-mail attachments will be separated, archived and replaced by a link. This process will be done during the synchronization process in the backgground, but offers a transparent performance and usage for a user. An automatic duplicate check also ensures that a document is not stored multiple times. The powerful e-mail integration of CM Studio .E-ARCHIVE is available for all major e-mail systems like Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise or Kerio.

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