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Martin Schaarschmidt, VP Marketing & Business DevelopmentMartin Schaarschmidt, Vice-President Marketing & Business Development at MASCH Software Solutions confirms:

Our MASCH Online University offers multiple options for a traditional e-Learning platform. E-Learning-sites offer basic materials and courses for a proper product education. Our online trainings cover general product topics as well as features and functions of the specific product and it will help you to build up fundamental knowledge about our products. In one statement: You will find all necessary information for each of our products"

MASCH Online University will help you much earlier. We want to provide you an active pre-sales support also before purchasing our products. With our informational flyers, as well as links to topic sites covering information about content management, document management and e-mail archiving, we have collected a lot of information, which can be really helpful for you to learn more about our solutions and product philosophy.

Beside that, the main intention of the MASCH Online University is granting the interactive Video-Tutorials, which provide you a detailed product overview and functional education. Our Video-Tutorials are inteneded to educate either potential as well as existing customers, who want to get more product information about features and functionality of our CM Studio product family.

And finally, the special offer of Online University provides you a range of regular webinars, online workshops and traditional training seminars at our customer service center in Cologne. Also we would like to inform you about our technical support options, available from the online installation services form through our support team and our on-site support through our authorized partners.

If you have questions or if you cannot find the necessary information on our University's pages, you can reach us by phone +49 (0)2203-91133-38 or by e-mail sales(at)

Using our video tutorials, you can learn about our products at anytime from anywhere:


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