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7 reasons for purchasing
CM Studio .iBooking DS for TripAdvisor

How does CM Studio .iBooking DS for TripAdvisor can help you to generate more profitable online business for your hotel? 

CM Studio .iBooking DS for TripAdvisorSo far, the appearance in the TripAdvisor Search for Hotel Rates and Availability was only reserved to booking portals and major hotel chains. 

But now, with CM Studio .iBooking and CM Studio .iBooking DS for TripAdvisor, hotel customers of MASCH Software Solutions will be able to change this:

You can purchase "Cost Per Click" (CPC) bids for your hotel and you will be listed in the search results of TripAdvisors Search engine for prices and availability. 

Why is this so important?

At no other site than TripAdvisor, travelers can search quicker and easier for prices, availability and they can compare your offer with various other booking portals. If you want to generate more direct bookings through your own website, you must meet travelers at the site, where they make their booking decision. Connect your CM Studio .iBooking application with TripConnect, the business service from TripAdvisor.

Here are seven reasons why the investment for CM Studio .iBooking DS is reasonable:

  1. Access the world’s largest travel audience:
    TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site with over 260 million unique visitors planning trips each month (according to Google Analytics in 2013). Only TripConnect, the business service of TripAdvisor can provide cost-per-click access to this massive, qualified travel audience.

  2. CM Studio .iBooking DS for TripAdvisorIncrease the visibility of your website on other search engines:

    One of the most important strategic goals in the modern search engine marketing (SEM) is the generation of the so-called backlinks (links between major Internet portals with thousands of visitors daily and your website). Participating the TripConnect Program, TripAdvisor includes such backlinks to your website. This will automatically increase the ranking value of your website. In particular, the combination of mobile search on TripAdvisor and CM Studio .Mobile-Booking strengthens the visibility to the rapidly growing number of mobile booking internet users.

  3. Take benefit from the top source of direct bookings:
    A Q2 2013 survey of over 15,000 hotel guests by World Independent Hotels Promotion (WIHP) found that TripAdvisor has become “the most important factor in direct bookings.” CM Studio .iBooking DS in combination with TripConnect makes it even easier for travellers to book directly

  4. Share rates and availability, do not copy generic content:
    CM Studio .iBooking interacts with TripConnect to deliver the specific data of your hotel to TripAdvisors site so that travellers can make a proper decision. So when they do click, they’re more likely to convert. Many other CPC alternatives appeal to audiences using general text and imagery. The specific data TripConnect delivers to travellers is typically far more effective than copy-driven CPC ads.  

  5. Focus on conversion:
    Most CPC ads at Google, Yahoo or Bing aim to drive general awareness and link travellers to your homepage. With TripConnect, travellers have already researched your destination and property.

    CM Studio .iBooking DS for TripAdvisor now provides the basis for your successful online business:
    When they click, they’re brought to your booking page for purchase. This can lead to a higher conversion rate – and more return on your investment.

  6. TripConnect TripAdvisor Connect is like CM Studio .iBooking free of any third party commission:

    TripConnect is a Business Listings feature that allows independent hotels to bid to appear in the Hotel Price Comparison search on TripAdvisor. Through TripConnect, you can post your rates and availability alongside Online Travel Agents (OTAs) in high-visibility Hotel Price Comparison search results. 

    As a cost-per-click (CPC) solution, TripConnect requires hoteliers to place bids to appear in the Hotel Price Comparison results. This bid determines your placement within the results, and if a traveller clicks through to your website, you’ll pay whatever price you’ve bid for that click. 

    Even you determine the cost of the link between TripAdvisor and your CM Studio .iBooking booking engine. Compare the CPC budget for your bids of TripAdvisor Connect with the commission statements of other booking portals and you will find out that you achieve much more utilization at a higher profitability with TripConnect in combination with CM Studio .iBooking.

  7. Reduce your dependence on other booking portals, because with CM Studio .iBooking DS for TripAdvisor, you will show to your potential guest, that he is important to you and you are willing to serve him direct and exclusive. This builds up confidence and makes you as a hotelier less reliable on the market power of the booking portals.