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MASCH Software Solutions offers with CM Studio .GRM-CLOUD real workload reduction for your guest reception and at the same time security for the validation of travel documents such as passport or ID card.

The automated detection of passport and ID-Card data (ID-CARD OCR)

ensures effective and fast capture and verification of passports and ID cards.

The guest arrives, the receptionist asks for the passport or the personal ID card and scans it. After less than 5 seconds, the guest's data will be prompted within a digital guest registration form on a tablet PC or guest's smartphone.

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The guest (she or he) can now complete the registration process by adding other requested information.

The information will be stored, linked guest cards will be automatically created and sent to the guest by e-mail. The reception team can transfer relevant data into their PMS software with a few mouse clicks.



Fotokopieren von Passdaten Scan mit Passscanner
Photocopying and manual typing is a matter of the past and is not permitted, especially due to the strict data protection rules in the European Union. Scanning with integrated recognition of passport data in seconds with Plustek's SecureScan X-Mini, among others, enables DSGVO-compliant capture of ID card data.



Self-check-in easy done

Establish a self-check-in kiosk station at your front desk.

Place the passport or ID card, scan it and with just a few details the guest is digitally registered in compliance with all data protection laws.

Optionally is a digital guest card inclusive.


official digital guest regisration

Filling out the registration forms is often felt as a hassle by all parties involved (hoteliers and guests).

With CM Studio .GRM-CLOUD and the integrated Passport-OCR it gets much easier.

Present the passport at the reception, scan it and in less than 5 seconds the digital registration form is created in compliance with all data protection laws.

The guest can enter additional information via a tablet and optionally receives his personal digital guest card.



CM Studio .GRM-CLOUD und Plustek SecureScan



Capable of Reading Machine Readable Zone

SecureScan X-Mini can capture and verify relevant data of all
international passports,plastic ID cards and other documents.




Completely Compliant with ICAO Doc 9303 Standards

Supporting TD1/TD2/MRP/MRV document size scanning, which include international passports

and other travel documents.



Quick Scan with OCR recognition within 5 seconds

With Plustek's SecureScan devices, it takes less than 5 seconds from scan to

to display results on the digital registration form.

OCR recognition helps to accurately capture and display the data.