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What additional benefits do digital reporting and guest cards offer in times of pandemic?

Many industries, but especially the hotel and restaurant industry, are currently under particular economic pressure.

The digital guest card in combination with digital reporting is a smart and at the same time very easy to implement digitalization option to lead the tourism industry out of the restrictions of the pandemic. The following applies here:

  1. Basically, digital reporting provides the administrative way to digitally register guest data.

  2. Via the digital guest card, which every guest can apply for voluntarily and individualized within the scope of the registration process, a tourism location in cooperation with its service providers will in the future also have the possibility to connect the so-called "Contact Tracing" for the individual guest "conveniently" and for the health system and the authorities (cost-)efficiently.

This pandemic is unlikely to be a one-off, and it needs not only reliable tools in the short term but also medium- and long-term solutions to build a sustainable partnership between health authorities and tourism businesses.

Countries with rigid protection measures will decide, based on infection figures, with which countries future «Green Bubbles» will become possible. Effective opening scenarios and mechanisms to return to "normalcy" are currently being discussed in Europe.

Digital reporting and the digital guest card of MASCH Software Solutions make it easier for the tourism industry to become part of these «Green Bubbles».
The concept and the necessary systems can be adapted to the entire population and also affected businesses from the retail and event industries!

Technically and administratively, MASCH Software Solutions has establisehd and roled out the cloud platform for the digital registration system and the digital guest card in the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland together with the local tourism organization Jungfrau Region Tourismus AG. Here, already at the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, the focus was consistently on appropriate digitization strategies.


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