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Are travel agencies still attractive for hotels?

This, or something similar, has been the question many hoteliers have been asking themselves over the past few months as to whether they want to continue to process prices and offers for B-2-B partners in the travel market.

Due to the lack of international guests during the pandemic years, many hotels focused much more on national and local guests and successfully expanded their online direct booking business via their own website, social media accounts, etc. through modern and dynamic price management. Even the so übermächtigen OTAs such as and Expedia had to record strong Rückgänge in your booking shares in favor of the direct booking business.

Since the fall of 2022, the market has again seen an increase in the activity of indirect partners. These include the well-known OTA platforms, of course, but also the group travel and agency business.

Now, the market is facing a new challenge.

Now the question for many is how to get dynamic price management and indirect partner business (which admittedly in the past has tended to bring static prices and blocked availabilities) under one ‚hat‘.

MASCH Software Solutions offers a simple yet effective solution with the latest update of its booking solutions CM Studio .iBooking (for individual hotel businesses) and CM Studio .Booking-Center (for hotel cooperations and destinations).

With the introduction of dynamic B2B rates and an automated partner registration service, each hotel can register, manage and establish special B-2-B pricing rates for travel agencies, tour operators and other professional partners üthrough their own booking platform. &Uml;via the integrated rate manager of CM Studio .iBooking these price rates can be calculated dynamically (using simple formulas) or üentered via the connected channel manager.

In combination with the integrated quote manager CM Studio .iQuote, complex group quotes can also be created and converted directly into online bookings.

With the new functions, MASCH Software Solutions offers another step towards holistic digital eCommerce management for the hotel industry.

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