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CM Studio .FeWo 'AiO'

CM Studio .FeWo-Web with integrated BLOG and digital guest directory for your guests


Integrated BLOG module

Keep your guests up to date. With the integrated BLOG you can inform your guests about current topics concerning your house or present events and sights from your region.

Set up different categories and report on a wide variety of topics.
  • Culture
  • Gastronomy
  • Activities and excursion destinations
  • Events and happenings in the region
You can also use our interfaces for social media links and share your posts on social networks such as Facebook.


The digital guest directory

With the digital guest folder, your guest can find out everything important about your hotel. Be it on topics such as current offers, hotel rules, menus, daily programs and much more.

Simply place a QR code in the room, which the guest can easily open with their smartphone. The guest directory can also be integrated into your website as a link.

CM Studio .FeWo-Booking 


CM Studio FeWo-Booking is the Internet Booking Engine for your vacation home.

Start the booking process with a clear booking calendar and turn the booking into an experience tour through your vacation home(s).

Present your vacation home(s) with photo galleries, slideshows and videos and increase the emotionality of your online visitors during the booking process.

Round off your offer by offering attractive benefits and services during the booking process. Be it a bottle of wine for the first evening or a photo tour with you as a guide.

Every vacation home is unique and cannot simply be replaced. That's why it's important to have a customizable booking system that can treat each apartment as an individual property. From the size to the furnishings to the address - every detail is important.

With our flexible online vacation rental booking software, you can easily manage your properties, no matter how many you have.

The attractiveness of your vacation home(s) is the decisive and decisive factor for a positive booking decision!


CM Studio .Fewo-Booking MOBILE

CM Studio .FeWo combines "responsive" web design with all elements of the mobile smartphone application on iOS and Android!

The "dual responsive design concept" of CM Studio is a cost-effective and extremely efficient way to make your booking solution "mobile" without developing a special "mobile app" and yet you do not have to do without important facets of the mobile optimization of a native APP.


CM Studio .FeWo-Quote - the integrated quote manager

Create offers for your guests with just a few mouse clicks and convert inquiries via offers into online bookings. Regardless of whether you receive inquiries via a contact form on the website, on the phone or by email.

Manage your offers easily, efficiently and, above all, save time. Send your guests the offers by e-mail and start the booking process directly.

When creating an offer, define a period for the validity of the offer and block the room categories offered if required.

CM Studio .FeWo-Quote - the solution to simplify the daily work of landlords and rental agencies while improving the booking process for your guests.

With the integrated quote manager, guests can now book rooms directly and experience a new level of booking and service. The optimized design and content of the integrated quote manager is tailored to the specifics of each vacation rental company, resulting in more bookings and better service for guests.

In addition, the reception team of a vacation rental agency can now be completely relieved, as all requests are processed directly and automatically. Improve the booking experience for your vacation rentals with the integrated quote manager CM Studio .FeWo-Quote.

CM Studio .FeWo-Web + CM Studio .FeWo-PM - Property-Manager becomes:   CM Studio .FeWo 'AiO'

CM Studio .FeWo-PM - Property Manager is a software module integrated into CM Studio .FeWo 'AiO' that allows you as a vacation rental owner or vacation rental agency to perform all reception tasks, such as bookings, guest check-in and check-out, apartment assignment, price management and invoicing.

CM Studio .FeWo-PM - Property Manager replaces time-consuming and paper-heavy processes and can also be supplemented by a digital registration form on request.

The combination of CM Studio .FeWo-Web and CM Studio .FeWo-PM - Property Manager into CM Studio .FeWo 'AiO' turns your Internet presence into an 'all-in-one' solution for the successful marketing and advertising of your vacation home(s).

With CM Studio .FeWo 'AiO' you as a landlord can offer your guests a sustainable and amazing vacation experience.



Advantages of the property manager for vacation rentals

  • Optionally, we recommend the use of the Hotel-Spider channel manager certified for CM Studio .FeWo-PM: This is already worthwhile with two different booking platforms such as AirBnB and your website.
  • Central calendar: synchronization of booking calendars in real time, no more double bookings.
  • User accounts: multiple users can access at the same time.
  • Guest communication: centralized control of communication.
  • Automation: many recurring work processes can be automated.
  • Optimization: utilization statistics help to improve your website.
  • Cloud-based software: access via any web browser or on the move via mobile tablet.