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CM Studio .CDM - B2C-ECOMMERCE in the tourist destination marketplace

What does the ECOM Marketplace Center B2C should provide as features to your destination?

CM Studio .CDM provides the backend and management resources for the regional performers:

  • Focus Priority 1:
    • Linking with deep link into the service provider's own online store.
    • Bookability via widget plugin on the website (in the example:
    • Connection to the integrated Hotel Internet-Booking-Engine of the Destination Marketplace
    • Connection to the integrated Marketplace Reservation Center
    • Linking with deep link to external booking platforms
    • Implementation of various payment options for the guest: credit card / voucher / bonus points
  • Focus priority 2:
    • Certainly a connection of the service providers to event and activity channel managers is possible to establish the bookability of the service providers beyond the region.
  • Focus Priority 3:
    • Link the destination marketplace with the bonus card solution CM Studio V.I.G.-CLOUD to enable the guest to collect bonus and/or loyalty points.
    • The goal is to create a sustainable platform for returning guests, which gives the region and the destinations represented therein the opportunity to generate successful customer loyalty measures for all service providers in the region.
    • The direct link between the bookability of activities, events and attractions and the bookability of the hotel and parahotel industry must be achieved via a few clicks by the guest.
  • Focus Priority 4:
    • Interface and interface server for external connections.
    • API server for accounting and statistics interfaces to internal systems of the tourism organization.
  • Focus Priority 5:
    • CM Studio .CDM also provides all necessary frontend functionalities to enable smaller partners to create separate presences as well
    • platform landing pages for events to be set up at short notice and specifically.

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