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V.I.G. = Very Important Guest - Learn more about MASCH's new guest loyalty program for the mid-sized hotel industry here!

  • We offer every hotelier association an informal preliminary meeting where we outline the concept in a short session to the association's board or commissioned representative. Such a preliminary meeting will usually take no longer than 45 minutes as an online meeting.

  • We organize regional brainstorming workshops at the individual locations in September and October, in which we present the solution and the concept to hotels and tourism representatives selected by you (max. 10 per workshop and location). Here we hope for your support as representatives of the hotel associations and tourism destinations in inviting your members and colleagues.

  • No further obligation for the partner organizations arises from the workshops. The workshops should only be a mutual gauge of approval or disapproval of our concept. Of course, the invitation to a workshop represents a door opener and thus a benevolent support, if instead of MASCH as a provider, the local hotelier association or a corresponding organization in your region invites. But in order to examine a new idea with an open mind and to have it presented, one certainly does not engage in unauthorized lobbying in favor of MASCH!

  • Depending on the feedback from the individual workshops, we develop an individual service package for each partner organization, which we can then offer and present to all those invited, but also to the members of the partner organization. If further information workshops are necessary, we are of course at your disposal.

We would be pleased if you as representatives of local hotel associations and / or national network organizations support our information campaign.

We, from the MASCH Customer Service and the MASCH Marketing Team, are convinced that even though the MASCH V.I.G.-CLOUD is primarily designed for the hotel industry, the entire tourism industry in Switzerland or any other European country can benefit from a strong and affordable customer loyalty program in the hotel industry. Please always keep in mind, our offer is NOT a competition to the regional guest cards, but on the contrary, the V.I.G.-CARD enhances the regional guest cards!

Please do not hesitate to share our information and especially contact us directly if you have any questions:

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