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V.I.G. = Very Important Guest - Learn more about MASCH's new guest loyalty program for the mid-sized hotel industry here!

  • We offer an informal preliminary discussion to every single hotel but also to hotel cooperations and regional hotelier associations.

  • We also offer online brainstorming workshops in which we show participants (max. 10 per workshop) how to set up their own guest loyalty program in less than an hour. This is a free and non-binding offer to the hotel associations and tourism destinations to invite their members to the workshops. We are planning workshops for the following alternative dates:
Tuesday, 18.07.2023   Friday, 21.07.2023
Monday, 24.07.2023   Monday, 31.07.2023

If you are interested in getting more information about the V.I.G.-CLOUD service from MASCH Software Solutions, please contact us by e-mail at and we will get in touch with you.

We, from the MASCH Customer Service and the MASCH Marketing Team, are convinced that even though the MASCH V.I.G.-CLOUD is primarily designed for the hotel industry, the entire tourism industry in your region can benefit from a strong and affordable customer loyalty program in the hotel industry.

Please always keep in mind, our offer is NOT a competition to the regional guest cards, but on the contrary, the V.I.G.-CARD enhances the regional guest cards!

Please do not hesitate to share our information and especially contact us directly if you have any questions:

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