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The digital COVID-19 passport and the digital guest card are the basis for sustainable and efficient tracing of infection chains !!!

The goals and objectives of sustainable COVID-19 contact tracing.

The goals and objectives of sustainable COVID-19 contact tracing.

  1. The registration of guests / customers must be carried out under clearly defined DSGVO-compliant rules. Here, the guest / customer data is not the marketing focus of the businesses, but ONLY the focus of pandemic control.

  2. Contact tracing must provide an efficient solution to meet the legal requirements,


  3. while enabling streamlined and automated collaboration & partnership between establishments and health authorities.

  4. A win-2-win constellation is needed for establishments, authorities and, most importantly, guests and customers.

  5. Establishment of a platform according to the principle "One for All". This includes all businesses from the hotel, restaurant, retail and event sectors PLUS the health authorities, who must take care of contact tracing and the necessary quarantine measures in the event of infection.
The basic idea is that in the event of an infection, the health authority does not have to receive and call off lists (either paper or Excel format). There is also no need for costly data exchange via expensive interfaces between the company and the authority, but this is optionally possible if desired.

Once the facility has released data on request, the health authority automatically accesses the data with its own secure user accounts.

The initial notification of guests/customers is automated by the establishment.
Time is not only money BUT saves lives!

The COVID-19 CHECKER from MASCH Software Solutions offers a fast and secure registration of guests and customers in hotels, restaurants, commercial enterprises and the railroads for the tourism industry and local citizens.

The digital guest card will be complemented by the digital COVID-19 Passport in the future in tourism regions such as the Swiss Jungfrau Region, and both cards can be downloaded by any registered user to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Both digital cards are based on a 12-digit PIN ID. This secures personal data against unauthorized access and facilitates "check-in" at restaurants, retail establishments and all participants in the COVID-19 CHECKER Cloud.

The combination of PIN ID and individual smartphone ID enables check-in and check-out via the same QR code and is thus much easier and more secure to use than common online apps that perform re-authentication based on cookies.

With pre-registration via PC or tablet, the user can also print out the digital COVID-19 Passport in the analog version on paper, making check-in and check-out possible even without a smartphone.

PDF-DownloadLearn more about the concept of the COVID-19 CHECKER in the PDF document linked here.

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