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CM Studio .GCM App for Apple IOS - The digital guest card manager from MASCH Software Solutions

MASCH extends the digital guest card with an integrated interface server including evaluation app for iPhone and iPad from Apple

MASCH extends the digital guest card with an integrated interface server including evaluation app for iPhone and iPad from Apple

The success of any tourist guest card is based first and foremost on an attractive content offering:

  • For every guest, the regional service providers should provide interesting offers

  • The offers of the guest card should be easy to redeem and at the same time the service offers should be controled and evaluated effectively, because each service provider wants of course an complete analysis of his offer so that he can improove if necessary the conversion rate.

CM Studio .GCM-CLOUD, the solution to the digital guest card of MASCH Software Solutions:

For some time now, MASCH has been offering a so-called SERVER API interface, which enables every software programmer and IT service provider to develop interfaces on behalf of their customers, e.g. to enable access control based on the digital credit card. The integration into third-party applications strengthens the networking and so the use of the guest card can also be effectively evaluated in order to provide the service partner of the guest card with analytical figures on the guest card usage.


CM Studio .GCM App für the Virgin RegionWith CM Studio .GCM APP - the new digital guest card manager for Apple IOS,

MASCH Software Solutions now enables service providers, who do not handle an extensive IT infrastructure, to evaluate their services just-in-time and to perform access control and validation of the guest cards mobile and flexibly via an Apple iPhone or an Apple iPad.

With the Jungfrau Region, the first tourist destination is ready... integrate CM Studio .GCM APP into their Central Destination Marketplace strategy.

Marc Ungerer, Managing Director of Jungfrau Region Tourismus AG, is convinced that with this app, many smaller businesses in his region will develop new offers for the Jungfrau Region's digital guest card, while retaining full control of success over their portfolio:

"To link more attractive services to the digital guest card is our announced goal, because ultimately the attractiveness of our guest card and thus the attractiveness of our complete region lives from a diverse offer for our guests. In particular, if the guest temporally could not use everything at his first stay, the decision, to return to the Jungfrau Region or to extend his current stay, will be made easier and our digital guest card offers already more than enough incentives."

CM Studio .GCM App für die Jungfrau RegionHow does the CM Studio .GCM APP work now?

The principle is very simple. Each provider of services or special guest offers, such as swimming center or museums admission, but also a restaurant with their daily raclette evening for winter guests, register their tickets, incentive products or services via the central GCM-CLOUD.

Each offer is defined by a simple set of rules with which the service provider can control whether his offers can be used unlimited, once per day or even only once per vacation stay.

Once this "basic setup" has been done within the extranet of CM Studio .GCM-CLOUD, the service partner can download the CM Studio .GCM APP via the Apple App Store to one of his IOS-based mobile devices. The app is available free of charge to all destination marketplace participants.

After setting up a username and password, the provider of guest card services has their predefined offers available in a list. By scanning the QR code from the digital guest card, the app checks the validity of the respective ticket and at the same time tracks the rule-based use of the offer.

Finally, every provider can evaluate the user log and thus analyze the acceptance of its offers and adjust them if necessary.