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Achieve better visibility for your hotel business with emotional photos and inspiring descriptions of your rooms and your accommodation and service offers. Cm Studio .Booking-Center helps hotels to increase revenue and occupancy through more online bookings at affordable rates.

We help your hotel find new guests more easily! Thanks to the modern and emotionalizing booking system, guests can book their stay quickly and conveniently.

Discover outstanding booking potential for your hotel and increase occupancy and online success via

Does Google Hotel Ads improve the visibility of my hotel?

With Google Hotel Ads, hotels, travel companies and tourism destinations can significantly improve their entries in Google search results (SERP = Search Engine Result Pages) and thus expand their visibility.

That's the promise from Google and the Google Ads partners!

With the introduction of hotel ads, Google has de facto become the most important platform for the visibility and direct booking of hotels in recent years. In particular, the possibility of META search and the direct booking via Google's search result lists (SERP) represent a paradigm shift for the guest searching online, because it connects potential guests with accommodations with one click and without the involvement of META-SEARCH comparison portals such as Tripadvisor or Trivago.

The business models of Google Hotel Ads

What you need to know to make the right choice

Basically, Google Hotel Ads campaigns allow you to set specific budgets and reach users based on their country of residence and the device they are using. In a campaign, ad groups can be used to set specific bid adjustments depending on the user's travel plan (searching guest).

Hotels today face a variety of challenges when it comes to digital advertising, especially when it comes to running effective campaigns on Google Hotel Ads.

While there's a lot to be said for managing your campaigns yourself, there are compelling reasons why working with a metasearch management software partner is a better approach. By working with experts in this field, you as a hotelier can concentrate on your core business and leave the intricacies of advertising and performance optimization to the professionals.

*Source reference: The video linked here is part of Google Travel's official Youtube Channel, where you can find recordings and hangouts on air and other videos from Google.

Where do hotels appear in Google searches?

The connection between Google's meta search and Google Hotel Ads makes every hotel visible on multiple Google platforms. Click here onto the cover image and you will find more information about these platforms and how the hotel industry can benefit from Google's features.

*Source reference: The video linked here is part of Google Travel's official Youtube Channel, where you can find recordings and hangouts on air and other videos from Google.

Why are ‘Google & Co.’ so crucial to your online success?

Do you want to be digitally successful with your company presence and firmly anchored in the top positions of the search engines?

In addition to good products and strong services, good visibility of your website is crucial for your company's success today.

If your company is well positioned in the search engine rankings, this provides a solid basis for successfully acquiring new customers via the Internet, among other things.

Requirements for digitalization in tourism
Be able to do everything.
Connect everything with each other.
Meet the requirements of all partners.
Still be affordable for small sites.Scalable to a solution for an entire region.

CM Studio .FeWo 'AiO'

CM Studio .FeWo 'AiO'

A website with integrated online booking:

With CM Studio .FeWo-Web you can design the internet presence of your apartments, vacation homes, vacation apartments and chalets...

  • ...with an integrated BLOG for posting sights and events.
  • ...with digital guest directory for SmartPhone access via QR code.

CM Studio .FeWo-Booking is perfectly designed for an attractive presentation of your rental property with a clear booking calendar and an integrated photo gallery.

With CM Studio .FeWo-Booking MOBILE you can expand your integrated online booking solution for all common SmartPhone devices with iOS and Android operating systems. In times of the rapidly growing Internet, vacation apartments are also subject to ever shorter booking cycles. This means that your vacation apartments should also be bookable at short notice and therefore mobile in order to meet the requirements of your potential guests.

With CM Studio .FeWo-Quote, the integrated offer manager, you can process inquiries received by phone, email or via the website contact form. Convert inquiries into sustainable online bookings.

CM Studio .FeWo-PM - Property-Manager helps you in the background to process all bookings, including those from portals such as and Co. commercially, to create a proper invoice for your guest and to optimally manage booked additional services.

ID-CARD OCR - Automated detection of passport and ID-Card data

Guest data capture or self-check-in has never been so easy.

The guest arrives, the receptionist asks for the passport or ID-Card and scans it.

After less than 5 seconds, a digital registration form is available to the guest on a tablet or smartphone, which he or she only can complete with a few pieces of additional information.

The information is saved, linked guest cards will be automatically created and sent to the guest by email.

The reception team can transfer the necessary data into the PMS software with just a few mouse clicks.


"Predictive-Live-Monitoring" for tourism destinations

What do we mean by "Predictive Live Monitoring" for tourism destinations?

Comprehensive and high-quality data are the basis for successful digitalization in tourism.

Due to the digital transformation in tourism, the areas of responsibility of destination management organizations (DMOs) are expanding to include additional tasks. Regional service providers from the hotel and para-hotel industry increasingly expect holistic support from tourism organizations for their sales and marketing processes.

In the following interview, we discuss with Marc Ungerer, Managing Director of Jungfrau Region Tourismus AG, and Dr. Bartholomäus Wissmath of whoch2 GmbH how a comprehensive database for forward-looking data management of the Jungfrau Region is created from the networking of regional booking platform, digital registration and digital guest card.



Improve your success through improved guest loyalty and an individual bonus program. Turn one-time guests into returning friends of your business.

The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all that the steady (and seemingly neverending) flow of international one-time visitors has been rapidly interrupted over the past 2 years.

Hotel businesses that have also relied on returning and loyal guests in the past have been navigated their business better, especially during the second phase of the pandemic. However, returning guests are also getting older and there is then a rapid shortage of guests from the younger generation.

Attracting new guests was much easier in the past than it is TODAY, but converting guests into regular customers is the high art of guest management and TODAY more than ever an important factor for economic stability.